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Nature Inspired Art + Consulting

One of the most fulfilling aspects of design work is the opportunity to discover new artists and acquire new artworks. Below is a Limited Edition Print that we purchased for this Room in Progress. 

It has been a while since my last Fine Art Friday and I have been wanting to uncover new work. Seiko Tachibana is a Bay area artist from Japan. She has been painting and creating art for over 20 years. She even creates these intimate little art books with an accordion fold.

Watercolor is one of my favorite mediums because of it’s aqueous ephemeral quality, which is why I connect with Seiko’s Locus of Water installation. The subject matter as well as the style feels current to me.

You can almost feel the raindrops through all the rhythmic little splats in this painting. Do they remind you of rain clouds too?

I was lucky to spend a little time outdoors this weekend. How about you? Did any of you have the chance to connect with nature?

In case you couldn’t go on an outdoor adventure yourself…I have found this noisy little blog where you can get your fix. I plan to read up on her adventures anytime the longing for nature amidst city bustle becomes to much to bear.

Have an artful Monday.




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Watercolor gift tags

Last weekend, I attended my friend, Edy’s amazing bridal shower and a new idea came to me!

While getting ready…I realized I had yet to create a card for the gift. I have hundreds of gray tags leftover from our Save the Date. I decided to make something that was artwork and a card combined.

I love how it looks tied with simple twine around a white box.

Soon high resolution inkjet prints of these gift tags will be offered in my Etsy shop. I’m thinking packages of six.

Plus, I’m getting butterflies (literally) from this design contest, we just entered…more on that tomorrow!

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St. Valentine+papel picado

On Saint Valentine’s Day, historically people wrote messages or recited poems to signify their affection for each another.

Hand made cards were written on decorative paper and often contained a romantic poem. These early cards were decorated with lace, pressed flowers or ribbons to increase their beauty. This tradition carried on through to the 1600s.

I have been saving this papel picado for a few months now, my friends Mark and Sara buy it in Oaxaca, Mexico. Isn’t it fun?

I hope your Valentine’s Day brings something sweet:)

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Roses from my studio

Last weekend, I cleaned out my art studio and got really organized. It felt so good to sift through all my artwork, that I thought would show the results! Thanks to IKEA, I sorted out piles of colored papers, old drawings and portfolios into a wide flat file. It’s possibly the best $100 that I have ever spent;)

I even found the time to frame up my rose watercolor. Here it is up close.

I love the Ribba frame from IKEA because they are so simple and don’t distract from the picture…and now, it is in my shop!

Wedding planning is coming right along and I should have the Save the Date design completed later this week.

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Botanical Sketches by Mackintosh

I am getting inspired. I am working on a mural design using Botanical flowers. Also, I’m writing a unit for instruction called CRAFT.

Just yesterday, I discovered the work of Charles Mackintosh. Over his career, he worked as a interior designer, painter, furniture designer, textile artist and all that I aspire to generally become.

His sketches of flowers were simply amazing. This one the Cactus Flower.

Cactus Flower

and below the Cuckoo Flower watercolor.


How would you like to have these framed and hanging in your salle de bains, (sounds so much nicer than bathroom doesn’t it) ?

Mackintosh Roses

Ah-The famous Mackintosh Roses.


Next week, you’re in for some excitement. We have a Giveaway Wednesday and Gallery visit Thursday.

I will also find time to show off my new mural sketches.

Have a sweet relaxing weekend!

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