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Nature Inspired Art + Consulting

One of the most fulfilling aspects of design work is the opportunity to discover new artists and acquire new artworks. Below is a Limited Edition Print that we purchased for this Room in Progress. 

It has been a while since my last Fine Art Friday and I have been wanting to uncover new work. Seiko Tachibana is a Bay area artist from Japan. She has been painting and creating art for over 20 years. She even creates these intimate little art books with an accordion fold.

Watercolor is one of my favorite mediums because of it’s aqueous ephemeral quality, which is why I connect with Seiko’s Locus of Water installation. The subject matter as well as the style feels current to me.

You can almost feel the raindrops through all the rhythmic little splats in this painting. Do they remind you of rain clouds too?

I was lucky to spend a little time outdoors this weekend. How about you? Did any of you have the chance to connect with nature?

In case you couldn’t go on an outdoor adventure yourself…I have found this noisy little blog where you can get your fix. I plan to read up on her adventures anytime the longing for nature amidst city bustle becomes to much to bear.

Have an artful Monday.




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Etsy store + shop love

Happy Friday folks! Here is the latest and greatest…

from my Etsy shop with love.

Plus an artist, that I stumbled across, MaiAutumn and just fell in love. She is a May birthday girl (just like me), and is hosting a birthday sale.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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