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Getting Hung Up

I spent last weekend sorting through a multitude of artworks ranging from poster art to pieces that were in my client’s family for years. After careful consideration, we decided to showcase original artworks and folk art from the bulk of his art collection.

As you walk into the residence, color washed walls and gallery style lights set the mood.

Carved wood shutters brought back from his days in the Peace Corps in Afghanistan.

You could say a person’s art collection speaks a 1,000 words…masks brought back from a trip to Myanmar.

Through the hallway, we set up many tiny vignettes, this one by artist Lionel Barrymore.

contrasted by the Bold Indian Art that hangs over the living room sofa.

The colors of ink in this Malaysian artwork complemented the maroon walls completely.

All in a day’s work…okay, it took two!

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Collage wall+ Life in Sugar Hollow

A while back, as a prize for winning the Lovelies, I was lucky enough to receive a gift from Life in Sugar Hollow photography.

This soft and sweet Stretch Out and Wait print has inspired an impromptu collage wall in our Bathroom. The silver mirrored frame around the print is from Target! I fell for the way it accents our bathroom mirror with it’s subtle shine.

The cluster of frames remains an installation for now. I have used one print by Sonja Gallardo of Hi Cutie Pie on the top left and two snippets of William Morris wallpaper patterns; bottom left and top right to pull it together. The other 3 frames, I had lying around the house. I refinished each by hand one to match Ana’s Barnwood frame I built in Feb, another with Rub n’Buff gold, and the last with metal effects bronzer. For questions on custom finishes simply follow the links or email me at hilary.hahn@ The burnished mirror on the left wall is from Mexico. It is Oaxacan and has been colored through scorching.

What can I say? I love to collect art and rearrange it when the moods strikes me!

I also think small art could look really wonderful in the bathroom, so when I came across this wall in Country Living. I knew I had to share!

Best of all is the way they’ve hung it from white ribbons on a white wall, so it looks like it’s floating!

This room below appeals to me with it’s still life themed art. I’d love to own that chaise too.

So, I’m still debating my own wall if I should keep it as is or narrow it down to three! So much is happening, as I’m inching my way toward my 100th post. I’ll be sharing the work of 3 talented artists this month and 3 DIY projects are all lined up on the horizon like birds.

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Vintage frames

Vintage frames are simple to find, elegant as décor, and cheap to boot!

The idea for this post came from the vintage bronze headboard that I completed last week.

On more than one occasion, old wooden frames seem to fall right into my lap. Once, while rummaging through the warehouse at Children’s Museum Los Angeles, I found a dolly full of them. This cache of frames has become my favorite DIY project like when I’m in between designs.

While surfing the net (I get a kick out of calling it that), I found some fabulous handmade artists who sell their own DIY frames on Etsy.

Colorful plaster frames

I like these plaster frames by Olivesomeday because the pastel paint gives them a modern update.

In my opinion, when scouting out vintage frames the more ornate the better.

Here’s how we dressed up Jon’s bedroom with a frame from Wertz Brothers Antiques, all it needed was coat of silver paint. You may remember her from the headboard redo.


This brass frame from Neawear is darling! What surprised and delighted me was the way she describes it as wall jewelry. These come with a chain attached and can be hung around your neck or on the wall. Soo Remarkable!

Brass frame

Additionally, I was stunned by Nea’s Verdi green patina necklace that reminded me of all the patinas I’d love to apply to frames. I haven’t tried the blue one by Modern Masters yet…

Verdi Necklace

Finally~I wasn’t sure what to make of this, but check out these frames stitched into a textile design.

Textiles and frames

Do you love-love it..or not-so-much it? Let me know your thoughts on this one!

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Morris & Co.

Now for today’s brief art history lesson!

I came across some research I did in 2004 and thought it may be interesting in lieu of real travel to travel back in time today and look at some designs from William Morris.

Morris was a British designer who aspired to incorporate art into all aspects of daily living. He was indeed a bit of Renaissance man specializing in calligraphy, printing, weaving, and embroidery; yet he lived during the 19th century.

He was an innovator who wanted to incorporate art into every crevice of the home.

Check out his Chrysanthemum wallpaper.


I love the color palette and intricacies of his work. His other work includes carpets, tiles, and all sorts of textile designs. There is an organic quality reflective of his love for nature. Let’s look at his Honeysuckle wallpaper, a former favorite of mine.

william morrishoneysuckle1883

Yep~I still love it! Now, I’ve come up with an idea on how to bring his art into the 21st century. A few years ago, I did a painting that was a modern interpretation on a William Morris design. Now, I’d  really love to take the same idea and apply it to a wall mural coming up with a modern interpretation of his work in an entryway or hallway.

Ok. Here’s one more I can’t resist, his Artichoke wallpaper.


As you can see by entangling all these elements of earthly beauty, he creates a simple, yet stunning design. I’m going to work on developing a .pdf stencil for download, sort of a nod to his gorgeous work and design.

Plus, I’m serious about the wall art. If anyone would be interested in a custom piece, send me a message!

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