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Rustic Table

Here’s how I spruced up a small wooden table salvaged from the neighbors.

Looking at it, I could see that it needed a lot of love.  One of the drawers needed a stopper to catch it from slipping in too far. A wooden slat with a  curious old keyhole had fallen off as I initally bent to pick it up. Would it be enough to scare me away?



It actually only took a few simple steps, two days, and an eye for inconspicuous charm to fix this beauty up. First, I made some minor repairs. I sanded off extra flaking paint and screwed down a metal piece beneath the top left drawer. Next, I fortified the structure of the table with wood glue and small clamps. You can see that I have oiled the wood with lemon oil below and am waiting for the wood glue to dry.


Did you notice the knobs?

They were a fateful find at Anthropologie one morning as I rummaged through the garden section. A fellow designer had pictured the knobs to be black and white. I thought these were great because they are ceramic and have touch of gold that really brings the table back to life. The final product possesses vintage charm and could be used in multitude of design scenarios. I picture it as an entryway table, in a little nook, or even a baby changing table (it’s sturdy!).  

in the beginning, I thought about going all the way and painting it all canary yellow, but that would have given it quite a different feel. What do you think?  As it is, it really goes well with a beachy, country, or restoration feel. So, the next time you see a piece left out on the curb or in your neighbor’s garden; think about it’s potential as a piece with a story. Then, try to bring it back to life! 


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Headboard Redo

I came across this funky fabulous headboard at a yard sale and decided to give it an upgrade. What attracted me was it’s solid wood frame and carvings set into it’s shapely design.

Headboard Before pic

I immediately applied a light coat of stripper to peel of the varnish and glossy finish. Next, I went to my sander and buffed off the what was left of the coating. Once the wood was clean and bare, I oiled it to hydrate the wood and keep out the dust particles. What’s left was only to apply two thicks coats of latex semi-gloss paint. I was lucky enough to have some left over from a previous project. After apllying to generous coats and working paint into all the crevices of the wood, I used a polyurethane spray sealer to protect the paint job.


In the future, I hope to take more photographs of the process for all to see. Also, expect to see many of my furnishings up for grabs. This one in particular is already sold, but I couldn’t resist sharing the process in case some of you find old wooden headboards. You may find that a coat of white paint really freshens things up!

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