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Lauren’s Custom Nightstands

These affordable nighstands were such a good find. Although the orignal finish was a little too dull for my teenage client:)

We updated the nightstands by painting them in a cooler tint called Barrier Reef by Dunn Edwards. I love this color sea foam green with a hint of gray. The semi-gloss finish makes this pair super chic and shiny!

I could not be happier with the way these look after a powder coat of paint.

I can not wait to see them in the room layered with pink paint, bubbled glass knobs, white sheer curtains, and small lucite lamps.

If you are considering doing custom paint on a pair of nightstands like these, I recommend buying them in the Country Brown which is the least expensive finish. Plus, they are well made. Then, you can do whatever you want with the color. They are a blank canvas, have fun with them!

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Secretary Desk: Facelift (Surprise!)

So, I bet you would’ve never guessed that I’ve been hiding out in my studio all week, since I’ve been back, working on this vintage, soon to be antique, Secretary’s Desk. When I got it, it was a sight for sore eyes! My neighbor thought that I would enjoy restoring it and fixing it up more than he would, so…I got to work!

I loved the shape of this piece especially. I thought of a dark wood Jacobean desk with shiny gold knobs, I had seen a while back.

Inside there is plenty of built-in storage, aplace to hold papers, letters, books, a envelopes. For a stationery lover or a writer, this would be a dream!

I almost put shiny gold knobs here, but when I came across these brass pulls, I changed my mind. I had to include this photo because of the blue light in the background. I buffed and shined the surface of the wood with Howards Feed in Wax. It is a natural way of sealing wood and does not emit any harsh fumes. The wax simply penetrates the grain of the wood and hardens. Then, the surface can be polished to a high shine! I prefer this method of finishing wood these days.

Overall, the color of the desk is dark, rich, and stately; but in direct sunlight the stain becomes warm allowing the wood grain to stand out.

Why don’t they make more beautiful carved wooden furniture these days?

I would buy it;)

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Restoring a Martinsville Classic

This table is 59 years old. I tried a few things to restore the wood, beginning with stripping and sanding the lacquer. The top had a few knicks, scratches, and one coffee ring that I was desperate to remove.

Looking back I’m sure I made a few mistakes. I would probably use Restor-A Finish instead, a product that does not interfere so much with the existing lacquer. This wood is so beautiful, it just needs to be oiled and polished.

Americana of Martinsville side table

I think preserving the natural wood is key in a job like this. The top is a satinwood, and the legs, mahogany. I liked dealing with this combination and even mimicking the Shaker finishes by sealing the piece in a coat of orange oil and beeswax. Au naturelle, for a change.

From the front, you can see the gold plated, nickel pulls.

Martinsville Front pulls

The top shines so nicely, it is hard to believe this table is at least 50 years old.

Martinsville Table top

Inside the drawer there are the words American of Martinsville engraved, corroborating it’s authenticity. The aspect that most please me is the top.

These pieces popularly sell on Ebay and 1st Dibs for a pretty penny, but don’t always look this renewed.

If you are interested, email me for a quote.

Stay tuned tomorrow for some timeless Shaker classics.

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