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Pink Pianos Etsy, peacocks, and vintage

It is rare that I find the time to promote my PinkPianos shop on Etsy. Perhaps, now that I am on vacation in Kentucky, I can really get to work!

It has taken me some time to launch, but keeping the doors open I have had lots of lovely visitors trickle on in which makes me happy.

My shop is a bridge to all the furniture and design work that I do. Here I offer home accessories, vintage finds, hand painted knobs, along with original artworks. As always, custom pieces are available simply email me at hilary.hahn@ to talk about what you envision.

Just look at what the creative people on  The Wedding Channel did with peacock feathers.

Isn’t that sweet?! Then, there’s also hair clips, bookmarks, and I’d love to see a peacock feather garland!

Well, I’m going back to relaxing and catching up on all the blogs that I love to read. I promise to share inspiration from my visit to Kentucky before I leave and to post the final pics of the Girls’ Room Metamorphosis for those of you that have been following.

What could you make with feathers?

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Vintage frames

Vintage frames are simple to find, elegant as décor, and cheap to boot!

The idea for this post came from the vintage bronze headboard that I completed last week.

On more than one occasion, old wooden frames seem to fall right into my lap. Once, while rummaging through the warehouse at Children’s Museum Los Angeles, I found a dolly full of them. This cache of frames has become my favorite DIY project like when I’m in between designs.

While surfing the net (I get a kick out of calling it that), I found some fabulous handmade artists who sell their own DIY frames on Etsy.

Colorful plaster frames

I like these plaster frames by Olivesomeday because the pastel paint gives them a modern update.

In my opinion, when scouting out vintage frames the more ornate the better.

Here’s how we dressed up Jon’s bedroom with a frame from Wertz Brothers Antiques, all it needed was coat of silver paint. You may remember her from the headboard redo.


This brass frame from Neawear is darling! What surprised and delighted me was the way she describes it as wall jewelry. These come with a chain attached and can be hung around your neck or on the wall. Soo Remarkable!

Brass frame

Additionally, I was stunned by Nea’s Verdi green patina necklace that reminded me of all the patinas I’d love to apply to frames. I haven’t tried the blue one by Modern Masters yet…

Verdi Necklace

Finally~I wasn’t sure what to make of this, but check out these frames stitched into a textile design.

Textiles and frames

Do you love-love it..or not-so-much it? Let me know your thoughts on this one!

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Rustic Details

Some times with good design, it’s all in the details. As a follow-up to the Rustic Table project, I began a little hunt on Etsy for salvaged supplies.  I found 2 shops that carry vintage materials such as curvy brass back plates, skeleton keys, and other rarities.

I thought these brass back plates from Sweetkate were fabulous flea market finds.brassplate

Photo courtesy of Sweetkate

I couldn’t believe that Blacksheepyarns is carrying the exact keyhole back plates I’d been hoping to find!


Photo courtesy of Blacksheepyarns

If you come across something great like this rummaging through a thrift store bin or even reclaim them form another piece, I recommend using a little Brasso to shine them up! All that is needed to attach these to a wooden piece are a few small brass finishing nails. One trend I’ve begun to notice is jewelry makers fashioning this type of finding into edgy steam punk pieces.  More on that soon! Maybe we will try to make something together:)

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