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Happy Friday: Party Dress

I fell in love with the textile design on this dress at Anthropologie the other day.

I’m not exaclty one of the Anthroplogie models, but I wanted to show you all how it looks in person!

I plan on going to a Labor Day party this weekend and wanted the perfect party dress. I think you can dress this one up with heels or down by layering a tissue T underneath. I love textiles that look Eastern European.

It wasn’t the only thing I fell for that day…more on that after Labor Day! Have a sweet one!

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Indian Textiles as Art

As promised, here are a few tips showing how to incorporate applique into your living space.

  • Tablecloths, curtains, and pillowcases serve as inspired and detailed works of art.
  • Use appliqué or embroidery to introduce texture.
  • Tiny mirrors reflect lots of light.
  • On a budget appliqué work could provide a cost effective wall decor.
  • Historically significant pieces could add luxury to a room.
  • Take a hint from Jaipur and embrace color!


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Indian Patchwork Rugs

I’ve recently been inspired to take a closer look at Indian patchwork rugs. The art of Indian embroidery is some of the best worldwide. India offers a variety of styles, each with a unique history and linked to a specific region and culture. Some types of embroideries are associated with customs such as weddings or festivals. Some are known for the special thread employed or method of stitching involved. Appliqué work is a popular style of embroidery that is recognized worldwide and within the design industry for it’s nuances including Karchobi and mirror work.

In appliqué work different pieces of cloth are patched together to make a multi-colored mosaic. The vivid colors, shapes, and patterns in combination stand out when stitched onto a contrasting background. Typically appliqué is attached to padded cotton backing, which itself can be purchased in large rolls. Patchwork of this kind is essential in many Indian tapestries and can be found all over towns in parts of Rajasthan and Gujarat in northwestern India.

Patchwork of this kind is essential in many Indian tapestries and can be found in parts of Rajasthan and Gujarat in northwestern India. In Nathadwara, a Rajasthani city, the Pichwai style embroidery reveals colorful cloths and wall hangings throughout the village. One aspect of some appliqué artworks is that they can be monochromatic or employ analogous colors. For example, a customer may discover an appliqué cloth in all blues, turquoise, and greens. Others feature rosy pinks and shades of fuchsia. For an interior, they could be used to create a monochromatic color palette within a room.


Common motifs include trees, peacocks, houses stacked into the hillside or the tower pictured above. If you look a bit closer some appliqué work, shiny golden threads and mirrors gleaming within the embroidery can be seen.  More on mirror work and the pink city of Jaipur later this week!

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