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Interior Ocean Mural

Saying goodbye to a nice long vacation visiting my family in Kentucky (a.k.a the reason for my infrequent blog posts:) I wanted to end it with a mural post! I love artwork in homes and these are two of my favorite inspirations.

I love the Interior mural by Lulu DK that reveals how soothing and striking neutrals can be. She is such an amazing design talent and inspiration. I discovered her textile designs recently, but she also got her start in NY painting interior murals. The mural at right is something I would love to try out. Creating a silhouette on a wall by using just one color, a solid background, and the many values of one hue. Powerful.

Here is a glimpse of the family mural that we just painted. My cousin had wanted to recapture the beaches of the Bahamas where she had just visited. She is going into 6th grade and we wanted the mural to be colorful, yet complimentary. We decided to use the Pool colored paint of her bedroom paired with some other brighter colors that you would find in a teen bedroom. To give you an idea of the scale, this wall was approximately 9′ x 16′.

I was lucky to have help from my Mom and Molly in painting this piece. In the end, we all had our artistic hand in it. Below are some of my favorite details.

Have a great weekend and stay tuned for some postcards and inspirational pics from this trip!


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Lauren’s Room: Sneak Peak

Are you ready to catch another glimpse of the room that I’ve been working on all Spring?

Here is how it looked before.

Gorgeous architecturally, yet requiring a few touches to make it complete. Here we are taking measurements. I have to say…I love the color pink, as you may have guessed, but we also wanted to tone it down a bit.

We are getting so close to finishing this space for our client, a teenage girl. I feel lucky to be working with this great family.

We found the perfect fabric and had curtains and a cushion made for the window seat. The bed is an antique style Louis XVI reminiscent of the Neoclassical era. The ruffle duvet and bedskirt compliment each other well, and the Louis ghost chair is yet another interesting twist on a classic piece.

The nightstands were custom colored in Dunn Edwards Barrier Reef and the pink bubbled glass knobs are from Anthropologie.

We still have a few choices to make: I am thinking matching crystal lamps, a wide striped rug, and a few accessories will really make the space something any teenage girl would love to relax in.

Which rug do you like for this room and why?

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Lauren’s Custom Nightstands

These affordable nighstands were such a good find. Although the orignal finish was a little too dull for my teenage client:)

We updated the nightstands by painting them in a cooler tint called Barrier Reef by Dunn Edwards. I love this color sea foam green with a hint of gray. The semi-gloss finish makes this pair super chic and shiny!

I could not be happier with the way these look after a powder coat of paint.

I can not wait to see them in the room layered with pink paint, bubbled glass knobs, white sheer curtains, and small lucite lamps.

If you are considering doing custom paint on a pair of nightstands like these, I recommend buying them in the Country Brown which is the least expensive finish. Plus, they are well made. Then, you can do whatever you want with the color. They are a blank canvas, have fun with them!

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Snow White Inspiration

From the bottom of my heart, I must say: Happy New Year!

I am delighted to find the time to obsess over new design inspiration.

I am pleased with so many things that are going on within this photo. Gray walls with white trim the natural birchy brown of the mirror’s frame.

How sparingly they use the sea foam green. Wouldn’t that be a peaceful space to cuddle up and sleep?

I am really enjoying the bedroom design that I am working on…it is a bit like this; quiet and charming with little pops of green! Bit by bit the pieces are coming together.

Any of you have design wishes that came true over the holidays? Mine did!…when Santa brought me this task lamp from you’ll never guess where.

See more photos of this gorgeous Texas home!

Here’s to 2011 being full magic.

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Teen Bedroom: Lime and Pink

Both of the inspiration boards for Lauren’s Room are ready. I love working with these girls and the color soft pink.

The top board really shows off the punchy pink and lime together. I cant wait to find a gorgeous vintage modern settee like the one below in the pic.

This one mixes vintage modern accessories like a white chandelier and the Louis Ghost chair.

I can’t even begin to describe ewhere I found all of these great shots, but I’ll start with the Creature Comforts blog.

I can’t wait to see what my clients think! Which one do you prefer?

the punchy one or the softer side of things…

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Joining the Lovely Blogger List

I’ve been able to connect with so many great blogger’s in the community lately.

I love their ideas and fresh perspectives on life. I also really loved Rue Magazine’s latest DIY, can’ t wait to try it.

Which is why I became really excited to join Rachel’s blogger list over at Lovely Clusters.

In order to become a part of it, I will share a little bit about myself in an effort as well to reaquaint and show you around my little blogger part of the world.

Pink Pianos by Hilary Hahn is a place to connect the dots between Art, Design, and worldly inspiration. Here I showcase, vintage resurfaced furniture products and reinvented found objects. I love how a cast-off piece of décor becomes a functional work of art. I consider my adventures from Europe and India to tiny cities along the Pacific Coast as the grounds for one massive treasure hunt.

Her abundant adventures from Europe and India to tiny cities along the Pacific Coast provide a constant source of inspiration and finds. She believes you can take a journey anywhere even in your own back yard.

My friend Annie is also a source of inspiration for me as a blogger. Many of the interior designs that I publish are part of a collaboration between the two of us. I know lots of you have seen our latest project the Girl’s Bedroom Metamorphosis. Before I forget, here is a final pick that shows Mia’s bed that we designed.

The duvet cover was custom designed out of hand dyed silk. I am really happy with the way it all came out!

Another blog, that I can not take my eyes off is The Sartorialist, which I know is a favorite among many.

I love to meet other designers, curators, and bloggers.

Nature is a constant inspiration to me!

It’s been so nice to meet other artists and have them share their ideas, inspiration, and opinions. Rachel’s Blogger List is fabulous because it groups bloggers by region helping to connect us with each other and a larger audience.

You can contact me at hilary.hahn@

Etsy: http://www.pinkpianos.etsy.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/Pinkpianos

Tumblr: http://pinkpianos.tumblr.com/

I hope you all will feel at home here and keep in touch!

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Girl’s Room: Final Photos

These rooms have been 4 months in the making. Just look at how everything has turned out! I love this laid back beachy interior accented by the glow of the coconut shell lamp.

The markerboard tree just grew and grew! First, I taped off the area on the wall, literally taping the curves and lines of the trees branches. Then, I rolled out the dry erase paint, which took a few coats. Another thing to note, is that it sets up very fast, so when working with the mixture be prepared to paint one layer, then allow it to dry 15 minutes between coats. Using a smooth foam roller provides a flat finish on the wall. I did a simple outline in light brown with sunshine yellow and sky blue accents. The leaves are wrapped in shades of green linen and made from cork, so they double as a place to hang up art as well.

I am also happy with the outcome of the custom made bench! We designed the seat cushion to be sewn from an Amy Butler fabric called Knots.

The drawer pulls are glass from Restoration Hardware. I love these!

One more detail that finishes the room are the capiz shells that line the curtains.

If you missed the before pics from this series, click on the Metamorphosis button to the right. Mia’s room is glowing with shades of lilac and silver and I really like how the two-tones or purple allow the architectural details such as the chair rail to pop out.

The lofted ceilings are so beautiful on their own, but the new Maskros light made of wire and paper from IKEA sure does hold it’s own in the space. At night, the light casts tiny little circular reflections on the walls.

We are really happy with the way the rooms have turned out. The Fatboy beanbag and silver cubes are the perfect accessories for a teen ready to chill out with her friends. I’d even love to have  the black dress form to dress up the night before, when planning tomorrow’s outfit!

Did I mention that there’s also a disco ball?!

Oh and coming soon, I can show you Mia’s bed, which is amazing. It will be assembled, when I return from my vacation. Of course, there will also be professional pics of both rooms. We are currently seeking an interior photographer looking to build their portfolio of work.

It would be hard for me to choose which room I like the best because the styles are so different! Which elements of the design do you prefer and why?

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