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Lighting Installation + Styling

The holidays are fast approaching and I have many exciting projects to share:

A DIY of this chair (restyled below) over at the awesome Canadian blog the Purple Fig. I created this step by step how to.

I also like this photo for something else…maybe a new banner…hint, hint;)

The past weekend was chock full of installations and ultimate satisfaction. I worked on the final lighting install of tranquil spacious bedroom. Adding a chandelier in the center of the room created a focal point and brightened the space.

In addition to this, we swapped out the Robert Abbey lamps above for cool 1920s style torpedo sconces. I still love the Rbert Abbey lamp base, but the shade needed to give off more light or be changed. The new sconces provide directional light for reading.

You can see more detailed view of this Residential Transformation that I have been working on all year.

Next, if you can believe it, I worked on yet another install this weekend. We completed the modern reception desk installation on Saturday. We got creative by reusing an existing piece of IKEA furniture and gave it an upgrade by customizing a facade for it. I’m liking the white for now, but I could also see it painted in gray in a few months.

Which color do you vote for the Reception Desk?

Happy Wednesday!


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Styling: A Day in the Life

Please excuse the Beatles reference, since I started off the morning humming to them. After a delicious brunch  at Joan’s on Third, I had some time to play around in my dining room with a few accessories. I guess this is how I relax on t.v. free days.

Some pieces are for an upcoming photo shoot, others are personal heirlooms, and the necklace belongs to a client of mine and is on the way to the framers, but I thought it would be fun to photograph.

Wax flowers can be really sweet. Does anyone else love to paint still lives?

Although some of you have seen our mantle a jillion times,  it’s different yet again.

Lastly, I’d like to know your opinion. Which arrangement do you prefer? I know each one is only slightly different, but if you had to choose which one would it be, 1, 2, or 3?

I will be back tomorrow with some Art and Inspiration for Valentine’s Day that I have been collecting.

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Michelle and Rob’s Santa Monica Dream

Happy Monday everybody! I hope this next home tour takes the edge off of your Monday and leaves you feeling laid back and inspired.

Are you ready for a tour of Michelle and Rob’s mid-century modern space?

I met Michelle while working on the faculty of the Brentwood Art Center. Having Michelle as a good friend, I got to be a part of the design process firsthand because we both tend to obsess over all things design! As you enter their Santa Monica home the open-plan living and dining room is very inviting. Michelle chose all the paint colors and trim carefully considering the creams and whites to brighten and lighten the living space. Another great addition was her choice of a white modern fan.

The walnut dining table along with the white Modernica chairs offer great contrast and mid century modern living. I was lucky enough to catch the afternoon sunshine there with the curtains blowing in the breeze.

Here is Michelle at home in the room! I have always wanted to get one of these spine bookshelves too because they take up little visual space and hold plenty of books.

Throughout the home, you can not help but notice Michelle’s collection of fine art. As you may remember from Friday that Michelle is an illustrator and art instructor. Her creative space is clean and inspired from the vignette at her desk…

to the canvas at her work space. By the way, she is currently working on a watercolor dollhouse illustration, which I’ll be sure to share with you, when she finishes. I’m intrigued by the original sketch.

Clever styling and unique lighting adds charm throughout the space.

As graceful and clean as the studio space is nothing could be a cooler counterpart than Rob’s man cave. Where Rob intermingles toys, videos, games, and his first piece of self-painted of original art. How appropriate for him to have loft space above the studio where he can showcase his collection of action figures.

I know it has all been amazing to soak in, so I will leave you with just these. What are some of your favorite things about their Santa Monica space?

Later this week, check back in as I vow to post bonus pictures of kitchen appliances and stylish accessories- you will not want to miss!

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An Artist a Day: Joseph Cornell

Okay, so I admit to not actually personally knowing this artist in my lifetime, but after a long and relaxing Memorial Day weekend, I thought he would be an ideal person to wrap up Artist Tuesdays with his careful curated collage and assemblage work. Thanks to all the artists who participated this month leading up to my one year blog-iversary and first complete series!

Joseph Cornell, born at the turn of the 20th century was known for the collages he created. Often placing boxes inside of boxes and arranging images amongst tiny collections.

His work was collected by many prominent art collectors in his time. Cornell spent most of his life living in Queens with his family.  He also kept some of New York’s most talented ballerinas as his closest friends. Sometimes in his work, these references appear.

I heard that he trolled around flea markets and antiques shops in search of pieces of a bygone era, in this way his art begins a historical recollection.

Doesn’t this remind you of a designer’s inspiration board?

Every time I style my mantle or set up a tableau on my desk his work inspires me, I feel like I’m arranging a narrative, just as Cornell would have.

Or when I look at a toy collection, I get a feel for his style.

You could make your own Cornell box. Shadowboxes are some of my favorite ways to display art these days. I will be doing this in Joelle’s room, working with her to arrange her own collections.

For that I have found, this white 12″ x 12″ Shadowbox frame.

I think it is the perfect depth and shape to hold a collage of memories.

What type of collections do you keep? Please send photos to hilary.hahn@ and I’d love to share them with other readers here.

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Treasures from India

There are no words to describe all the cool treasures I found in Goa.

This wall panel is functional as both art and a candle holder. I love the charm of the elephant carving and the colored stain on the wood.

This antique panel measures 11″h x 21″w . I have never seen anything quite like this!

These carved wood elephant bookends were my favorite. Just searching for the right books to display with them.

Now you can see the whole mantle with a painting by textile designer Mabel Martinez. I like to change up the mantle all year.

I think of the mantle as sort of an ongoing art installation, where I can add and subtract things for the season; according to my travels or (my favorite) display garlands and cards near the holidays. Since, we live in an apartment is something refreshing to change and style regularly.

I found these brilliant nesting tables in Goa.

I loved the colors and the composition of the design.

I think we are going to use these as nightstands. One large on one side and two small in a little stair step configuration for my stuff! Sometimes, perfect symmetry in design can be over rated, but balance is a must!

Some of these antiques,  I have to share and others have found a place in our home. I set this gorgeous wood carved mirror on top of a chinese butterfly chest, both of which are for sale. I can picture them together or apart, but I love the way mirrors look propped up on vanities or leaned against walls.

The ornate carving and color of the mirror make it a great focal point. It measures 14″h x 16″w.

For now, I am offering all items here, until I can add Google checkout to PinkPianos…a feature that is coming soon:)

If you want to see more contact me at hilary.hahn@ , I have a glass lantern, paper stars and an Indian beanbag (flattened and re-filled)  all of which need a home.

Believe me, were there not a limit on suitcases for travel I would have brought more. Literally, it was a sight to see us dragging all of the above through the Chhatrapati Shivaji airport! The nesting tables were the toughest to explain at customs because they had been wrapped and sewn shut in this funky looking burlap (too bad I should have snapped a pic!), people thought something was alive inside of there.

All in all, I know it was worth effort.

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Coachella: A backstage pass

I am happily recovering from a cocktail of jet lag and a desert music festival. I have rejuvenated enough to share with you an insider’s glimpse of the backstage art at the Coachella Valley Music Festival held annually just outside of Palm Springs.

This is my third year collaborating as an artist and 2nd year in the Art Department backstage. I designed 8 paintings for the event in all, most of them sitting in a little office from a window in Mumbai.

I also spent lots of time styling the trailers with a team of amazing artists led by Mary Anne Campagna. Here is a slideshow of my favorite little tableaus from the dressing rooms. These are the ones quickly styled by me.

Art credits: 1. Concept by Mary Anne Campagna 2. Hilary Hahn 3. Hilary Hahn 4. Mary Anne Campagna 5. Mary Anne Campagna 6. Andrea Chavez 7. Mary Anne Campagna 8. Andrea Chavez

The artwork is contributed by many talented artists, whose bios I hope to share soon! In this set I designed art for She and Him, Infected Mushroom, and Florence and the Machine.

Her songs are catchy and edgy at once. She has a great energy and her performance did not disappoint.

The polo fields are full of large light installations that you can see here!

I’m sure many have heard of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, but man, I am in love with this band!

I really enjoy the Art Direction in this video.

What can I say?
I. dig. these. guys.

Now that I’m back, this weekend I have so much to catch you up on, I will share my collection of finds from Mumbai along with a sweet photography shop and DIY photo collage for that vacant wall you’ve been needing to fill.

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