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Moroccan Mirror DIY

I’d so love to give you a peak at my latest inspiration and current DIY stencil fab project.

I came across these amazing graphics via DesignAmour.

There are so many talented designers out there, I love to discover someone new each week. They have so much going on over there, check out round two of the moroccan graphics, I found there.

What really grabs me are the colors along with symmetry and composition of the designs.

I’d love to find tiles along a similar vein for a bathroom that I’ll be working on soon!

Now for a peak at my current DIY project…

Here is the large square mirror that I inherited from a friend. As much as I liked it’s original finish I wanted to enhance it.

I know it looked cool in it’s orignal form, but I just can’t wait to layer in some more colors and details. I promise to show you when I do

Friday, I will post a finished product along with pictures of a huge art hang that I just did at a Melrose residence. Stay tuned 🙂

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Getting Folksy

This is the story of a chair.

It belonged to my neighbor, who had purchased a whole set, but upon her big move she left this lil’ beauty behind.

I’m sure some of you are thinking “I own this chair!” , and it is  a popular type of Windsor loop-back reproduction commonly sold at Target amongst other places;) So, I decided to try my hand at stenciling and making this piece a little more one of a kind.

Another inspiration to revisit stenciling came from a Storque article on surface designer Lena Corwin.

Here is what Violet looked like after I stripped and sanded all the white paint off of her seat.

Not too shabby! I like the look of her with the oiled and sanded natural wood. Ahem…you may also notice the amethyst curtains that I hand dyed this week!

Next, I cut flower shaped stickers from contact paper. I did this by tracing the design onto the contact paper, then applying them to the seat of the chair.

This method of stenciling can be used to create a wall mural too.

To do this yourself, you simply need:

  • A wooden surface
  • Roll of contact/self adhesive paper
  • Scissors
  • Paint and roller
  • Brush for touch ups

I decided to let the natural wood show through the surface, so I didn’t need to do a base coat of paint.

I am pleased as punch with the final results.

Ain’t she a beauty?

If you have similar stencil projects you’d like to share, send over the pics to hilary.hahn@

Next Monday, I will be sharing the work of a talented artist along with an interview here!

Until then, XX!

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