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The Secret Life of Objects amidst other curiosities

As far as curiosities go, last weekend I hit the jack pot at the Aaron Cramer: Secret Life of Objects exhibit during the Los Angeles art walk.

The sculptural entryway assemblages were a feast full of wonder from the welded hanging lantern-shaped pendants

to the sculptural vessels woven from Street Sweeper bristles.

and then there were the “Moneyballs” made from from thousands of tiny shreds of discarded treasury notes.

I’m absolutely amazed at the way that Kramer glued those and to that effect.

The Page Museum was also free for the day so I got a glimpse of other green creatures…

Enjoying a swim.

On to the ultimate curiosity; Kaya Toast at Susan Feniger’s restaurant Street. The dish offered thick fried toast with coconut jam, soft-fried egg (which I neglected), dark soy sauce, and white pepper.

What sounds exotic couldn’t taste more delicious. Toast that literally melts in your mouth. Here Katie and Ashish bask in the glow of the orange umbrella.

It’s been yet another fabulous week!

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Jon’s DIY headboard

I’d love to share with you a simple and vibrant headboard from the Chun Residence in Santa Monica. Jon, our friend came up with this idea as Annie and I worked on her interior design. Here’s how we pulled it off!

A DIY headboard should extend a few inches beyond the mattress on each side to allow room for the bedding.

This one was made from an old closet door. First, we sanded down the rough spots and went to work using the Silver Sage paint from Restoration Hardware and deeper blue that we had on hand. Jon mixed the color herself based on the wall color behind. We wanted it to be a shade darker than the wall, but still in the same color family.

We knew that we wanted to add interest by inlaying a pattern into each square inset of the door’s design. At first, we considered using wallpaper, but opted for fabric and foam combo as more textural.

We cut squares of Masonite, which can be done using a Skil saw or by going to a lumberyard and requesting the cuts. If you can find a Mom n’ Pop shop, they are usually easier to approach. Next, we added foam squares, the type used for chair cushions and couches. We had some left over from a couch that Jon’s husband had built. A very handy couple these two! I recommend using 1-1 ½” thick foam. We affixed them using a wood epoxy. Then, we wrapped the fabric around our little panels. Sort of like stretching a canvas, I start in the center then work my way out with a staple gun. The last step is to mount the panels using wood glue and let dry overnight. This headboard can be mounted directly to the wall.

Jon's headboard

Jon's headboard

Next, I’ll show you the headboard redo that I’ve been working on all week in my studio! Plus, I’ll give you the low down on mattress sizes and sheets.

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