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Rustic Oak Pie Slab at FOOD52

I have saved one surprise to share with you for the end of the week!

One of my handmade pieces is now available through FOOD52 and I am simply thrilled about the collaboration. It is a pleasure to work with such talented curators and photographers. I feel that they have truly captured the intent and essence of how I envision the piece to function in your kitchen.

It is with great pride that I share this piece, et Voila!, my Rustic Oak Pie Slab as part of the FOOD52 Summer Pie collection.

Photography by James Ransom

Doesn’t that galette look drool-worthy?

As with many of my successful pieces, I originally designed them for myself for the desert display at my Baby shower, and ended up honing the finish and offering it up in my online shop.

While exploring the kitchen collection, I came across so many must-haves for my summer kitchen! Here are my top picks from their website.

Gorgeous pinstripe blue linen napkins.

Photography via Mark Weinberg

Can you picture these inside the Farmhouse Kitchen on Keats?

Photography via Kristin Goose

 I am really tempted to buy this Stainless Steel Ice Pop Mold, as I vow to make these creamy looking fruit pops!

All while I am wearing this sweet Thick Linen Chambray Apron.

Photography via Max Weinberg

 As a bonus, they offer inspiring recipes with photos on their website.

As a last treat, I have been following chef, Ada Mollencamp on Instagram. This week we cooked a tasty black bean, avocado, radish salad with citrus dressing inspired by her recipe.

I want to hear from you, what are you cooking this summer? Any favorite recipes, please share!


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Retreat: A boutique hotel

The challenge: To come up with a logo and concept for a boutique hotel.

My solution: RETREAT, a relaxing getaway in the middle of a bustling metropolis.

Upon entering the hotel, venture down a dim corridor and are greeted by the sound of gently flowing water. You are asked to remove your shoes and slide on our comfy slippers courtesy of RETREAT.

At RETREAT, we love relaxing and getting back to basics. Visit our fire circle for a camp style chat with new friends.

Our see-through bar, earthy brass stools, and refreshing mixed drinks should lift the weight of urban dwelling right off your shoulders. 

At mealtime, feast on delicious whole foods, while dining amid the company of strangers just like you.

Long tables designed to create an atmosphere of community and laid back conversation. I’d even love to carve totems into these wood timbers to add to the tribal theme.

So, there you have it, the newest addition to my portfolio 😉

I think we all need a place to retreat from the pace of the city.

Remember to play my mini giveaway, make sure that you leave a comment, even after you Heart Me or become a subscriber, so that I can add you to the pool of contestants…I’ll post a list of entrants to follow mid-week.

Giveaway winners will be announced, Monday June 21st.

What do you think?

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Wooden inspiration

Sail into the weekend with some wooden inspiration….

Can you believe this treasure that I found?


Today’s post is about all the wonderful ways to incorporate wood and found objects into your décor and artwork.

I have been inspired by wood grain for a long time. When, I’m not painting furniture I love to paint on wood panels. Sometimes, I feel as though a piece of wood is an artwork within itself. Yesterday, I had the fortune to find this magical model sailboat.

Does it still count as a found object if you find it online? I sure hope so.

In my studio, I am working 3 panels for on an upcoming art show at Gallery 1018 in Downtown Los Angeles.

Amidst the search for gorgeous wood pieces, I made lots discoveries along the way!

Come with me to FauxKiss gallery, where you will unearth tremendous paintings along with wood block panels complete with a keyhole in back for mounting. I also find Jean’s pricing very reasonable for the paneling.

wood panel

Next, I came across these cutesy walnut basswood rounds, which can be purchased through Holcraft or Blick Art. I thought they’d make kitschy cool decorations in a cluster on a wall.

Basswood round

You could paint with acrylics on them.

I hope you are as inspired as I am by these this Friday. I will save some of these woodsy thoughts for next week and give you a chance to see one of my oil paintings on redwood panel.

Have a fun and full weekend everyone…xo!

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