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Renovation Story: Back Yard

Let’s pick up where we left off of the Renovation Story…the backyard.

The backyard is where we began the Renovation because back in the warmth of September. My husband and I were visiting our family and we wanted to put a little work into the property.

I knew that eventually the back door of the property would lead to the Master Bedroom. With this in mind, I knew that I wanted to create a a more secluded feeling for the back of the house. I also wanted the Master to open to a paver patio, where the owners could enjoy the shaded evening and the outdoors.

This really sweet back entrance fueled my inspiration.

Our house, while not nearly as glamorous had the potential and has a similar color of siding too.

The original back of the property below revealed the asymmetry of the design. The door was off centered and the upper windows needed a lot of work as they had experienced dry rot.

The lower windows were able to be saved and we made the decision to move them to replace the 2nd floor windows.

Before construction began, we laid the stone patio by hand using Tranquil Country Pavers from Lowe’s. I liked them for the European feel.

I did some research on how to lay a stone patio and consulted with my contractor before I began work. Below, you can see the patio which runs the width of the back of the house, approximately 18′ wide and 8′ deep.

This next photo shows the exterior changes to the property after we centered the door and removed the lower windows completely. Typically, I love natural light and would hesitate to remove any windows. I ultimately decided to take them away so that the Master would be more private and have lots of options on the interior for furniture layout.

2 nautical sconces flank the back door. I think they are really fun and mimic the grill pattern found in the door.

Although, the patio is still in tact, it needs to have sand pushed between the pavers again this Spring. We also have a retaining wall in the works and landscaping which I will share with you once complete. We have yet to decide to build a pergola over the door. I am still entertaining the idea and would love to hear your thoughts!

I will post an updated photo of the lighting installed on either side of the back door soon.

*Here it is with porch lights, new roof, and soil grading complete in the back yard.

Now, I just can’t wait to landscape, once the grass begins sprouting through the seed and straw.


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Lighting Installation + Styling

The holidays are fast approaching and I have many exciting projects to share:

A DIY of this chair (restyled below) over at the awesome Canadian blog the Purple Fig. I created this step by step how to.

I also like this photo for something else…maybe a new banner…hint, hint;)

The past weekend was chock full of installations and ultimate satisfaction. I worked on the final lighting install of tranquil spacious bedroom. Adding a chandelier in the center of the room created a focal point and brightened the space.

In addition to this, we swapped out the Robert Abbey lamps above for cool 1920s style torpedo sconces. I still love the Rbert Abbey lamp base, but the shade needed to give off more light or be changed. The new sconces provide directional light for reading.

You can see more detailed view of this Residential Transformation that I have been working on all year.

Next, if you can believe it, I worked on yet another install this weekend. We completed the modern reception desk installation on Saturday. We got creative by reusing an existing piece of IKEA furniture and gave it an upgrade by customizing a facade for it. I’m liking the white for now, but I could also see it painted in gray in a few months.

Which color do you vote for the Reception Desk?

Happy Wednesday!


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Wednesday Mood Boards

This is one project that I am really looking forward to. It is the initial design concept for a holistic spa and medical lobby. I am working with a clean palette and shades of natural healthy feeling greens.I am loving the lace pendant that is on sale at Crate and Barrel for this space. It is so soft and elegant. Although, this is just the beginning and a lot could change within this calming and refreshing space.

In contrast to the board above, here is another source of modern classic and slightly more dramatic inspiration. We are working very hard to create a cozy bedroom using many textures and finishes together, such as combining matte black lamps and little pops of brass. Best of all, the art is on it’s way!!!…and I will have a picture soon of an Ethiopian necklace made from nickel in a gorgeous burl wood shadowbox frame. The art will be placed in a vignette with the scone above the nightstand.

I’m liking the shades of gray with the dramatic bursts of purple too! We are still debating the lighting, so I took lots of pictures today at Rejuventation. Shall I share my photostream of goodies later in the week?  How about you, any projects around the house or great shopping that you are into??

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Shop Photo Friday

I am feeling exuberant about my product photo shoot last weekend. Although, I usually prefer to work with photographers, sometimes it’s necessary to get creative with styling and work up a little photo shoot on your own spur of the moment. Here are the results of my playing around in my studio last weekend.

I’ve taken a bit of good advice from a friend to hone in on my PInk Pianos style story. It’s been fun to think about what I love about design. Global accents like this pillows are one example. 

I often focus on the details…so knobs and hardware are small accents that feel important in designing a piece of furniture.

Another aspect of having a design studio that I love is creating products that I would want to own. These Belgian Linen Gallery style frames are something I plan to create more of as I develop my decor line. 

Last but not last, I’m excited to share with you this vintage modern accent chair. Finding the great vintage shapes and pairing them with modern fabric is the genuinely exciting for me.

I hope you have found my photos and thoughts on shop ownership interesting. Enough about me, I would love to hear from some of you about your Journey with product development. How do you find inspiration?..and how have you developed your brand and style? If you would like to be considered for a Friday feature please contact me. I’d love to bring new designers to the attention and benefit of us all!


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Before and After: Antique Dining Table

I think many of you will appreciate the classic simplicity of this dining table Before and After. The table is possibly antique or soon to be antique according to the owner who has had it in the family for 3 generations. The table showed the imperfections of age and need ed to be refinished. In many places you could see the polyurethane finish needed restoration

After plenty of stripping and sanding, I conditioned the wood using a wood conditioner. I also did a little research on the table and it the only distinguishing feature that I noticed were the table slides (the table has 3 leafs and extends over 10 feet, making a magnificent dining piece!). The slides were manufactured by the Jefferson Woodworking Company, a company started in Louisville, KY around since 1920. Also, serendipitous that it was perhaps built in my hometown and found it’s way to me out here in Los Angeles.

The trumpet legs and fluting give the table a neoclassical air.

Here she isin all of here splendor as we prepare to move her into my client’s dining room. I can’t wait to style her. I know she would look fabulously Neoclassical French with all the right high back dining chairs, candlesticks and art.

If anyone has any insights about the period this piece was made, please leave a comment or email. I would love to hear from you!

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Bayly Rental: Restoration Project

As many of you may remember, I have been working to update and restore a hundred year old property in Louisville, Kentucky. We had 10 days in March to make simple changes in order to increase the overall appeal of the rental space. Although, I have to point out, I’ve been reluctant to share due to grainy picture quality…I have to be grateful our handyman is even willing to take pics with his camera phone and send them to me!

In the living room, we decided to tear out the ol’ shaggy carpets and refinish the century old Oak hardwood floors. Carpet removal, (performed by yours truly;) was much easier than I expected it to be. Also changing the ceiling fan was an inexpensive way to enhance the overall look of the room. The old fan was low hanging and scary!

The sitting room which exists just beyond the French doors had an uneven subfloor that needed to be leveled and replaced. You can see below the mill work that we did to level things out before laying in plywood. The carpet tiles by Flor were scored from the Flor outlet, so we were able to save and we ordered a few extra so we can simply replace them as they become time worn!

In the master bedroom, we took the same strategy: 1. Replace fan 2. Paint all trim white. 3. Remove old carpets and refinish the floors.

Below, you can see the new closet doors and a glimpse of the hardwoods in English Chestnut, a medium brown stain with hints of red and golds.

The final tasks on the agenda involved us removing the hideous bathroom wallpaper….(if only I had a picture of this) and painting the kitchen backsplash in glossy gray.

Our intention is to paint the solid wood cabinets in Mourning Dove by Martha as shown below, but for now our new tenants are all moved in and super excited to have the new hardwoods, updates and plenty of space.

If you are curious, you can see how things looked the first time around. It feels good to be slowly inching forward on restoring this place. Moreover, I am thrilled to be back from my travels abroad…I have acquired so many excellent images of Indian homes, a Himalayan resort, and over the next few weeks, I will have plenty to share!

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Bayly Ave. Home Restoration

This exciting home remodel has recently taken a lot of my attention. The place is a historic home built in Louisville, Kentucky around 1910, which means there are plenty of things that need updating and lots of charming elements from the past. This antique brass light in the entry way to Unit 2 is functioning beautifully.

White paint works it’s magic! 

The living room was wall to wall covered in wallpaper. Unfortunately, it was peeling off! We decided to strip it, skim the walls with plaster, then re-paint. I chose a warm French Gray by Dunn Edwards. Then, we trimmed the crown moldings and baseboards white! Lucky for us, the fireplace wood was in excellent condition.

The fireplace in Unit 1 was done in a faux wood that look decent in the picture, but a little frightening in person. We decided to paint it in a solid Espresso colored paint.

There is also the antique fire screen that we found while cleaning out the cellar.

What do you think, is it time to go on Antiques Roadshow? 😉

On way our way out to the backyard, there is a large deck in great shape and with a view!

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