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Black and White Frames

This winter, I will be using a lot of black and white to accent my space. I think these two classic colors are easy to mix and if you love modernism then they often provide that clean classic sentiment.

Here is another work in progress, a white frame soon-to-be pin board for my storefront.

Curious how it looked before?

I really like the contrast that the burnished gold had before. I may dab in warm silver metallic paint into the crevices of the white frame,

For this pinboard, I use a large French style museum frame with ornate floral carvings. It was originally in white.

My client preferred it in black to better match the dark wood where it will be used in her kitchen. I’m curious which color to you prefer?

I think I like the white on the dark wall, but imagine the black will look sharp in a tiled kitchen, with walnut wood.

I have some exciting posts planned for next week~looking forward to the weekend, anyone? I really want to see Anna Karenina…who’s with me?

What are you conjuring up this weekend?

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