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Woodland Round-Up!

This weekend in Los Angeles was a cozy one for me. The drizzle of the rain, a rarity, in sunny L.A. helped me to focus on taking creative photos inside my studio this weekend.

For my Etsy shop, I have been getting into the gift giving spirit, bookmarking all the great finds out there on Etsy and tailoring my collection for the holiday season. My goal this season is to hand make as many presents as I possibly can and support other hand made artists in the process.

These gift tags are in candy cane colors and are large enough to write a note on the bag of each card.

This next set of photos takes on a woodsy feeling. I love going up to the mountains near the edge of the city and camping in the summertime. These earrings, paintings, and pillow are inspired by those adventures.

These children’s cloth napkin idea came to me on Friday, while I was working with some of the young aritsts that I teach. The cute Montessori school had adorable reusable cloth napkins that I saw folded neatly into a basket. I plan to make them a gift of these holiday napkins, with hand printed silver doves. 

I am so grateful for each and every one of one.

I promise more fun surprises and gift ideas in the weeks to some.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Great Art, $20 Really.

I love this companies’ slogan so much that I have stolen it for the title of my post today. The story behind the company, 20 x 200 is equally amazing!

I’m excited to show you some of my favorite pieces.

This artist, Younga Park has really caught my eye with 2 of the photographs on the site. While I am browsing, I tend to end up clicking on her photos. As it turns out, she is a Brooklyn based blogger and photographer that loves to “capture narratives of everyday life.”

The coolest thing about this company has to be the pricing of prints starting at just….you guessed it, $20! I am soo going to look here for unique holiday gifts because I love giving art! Two years ago, I found some excellent photography on Etsy of lighthouses for my Uncle and Aunt. The thing about 20×200 is the pieces are already curated for you, so it saves time….which I can not seem to find enough of!

There are some seriously amazing paintings and drawings here too, like this piece by Jennifer Sanchez, lots of movement and neon colors in this piece, sort of like a modern Kandinsky painting.

I hope this week has left you feeling as energized as this painting! I am still recovering from doing too many things:) Tomorrow, I have little surprise Friday DIY for you. You are gonna love it!

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Handmade Weekend: Interiors and Exteriors in Art

I met with my artist group, which was so much fun! and managed to sell some jewelry at Claremont’s Green Market. So all in all, it was one fantastic weekend. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by creative friends. I know I promised on Friday that I would send some handmade inspiration your way. So here’s what I’ve come up with today!

Take a look at MissDPhotography’s green door. I love this photo because it has a total European feeling to it.

You can see all of Denisse’s work at MissDPhotography. Fyi, she also plans to make pendants of her photography, which are truly amazing!

Heres a peak at Jill Bliss’ tree houses, who you may remember from this post.

I like how they can be stacked one right on top of the other. I found these particular prints when checking out Jen Bekman’s company 20 x 200. I think it is such a cool small business and a wonderful tool for artists and interior designers.

I love her style for all of it’s intricacies. Here’s one more interior shot over there that I really enjoyed.

I am also seriously interested in using Exteriors and facades in my own paintings. This one is a work in progress for about a year now.

I enjoyed painting it in layers, but havent quite finished!

David Hockney is another famous artist whose interiors come to mind…

I like how the people in these places become the actors in a narrative. Who are they?…and what are they saying?

Join me later this week, when I come up with some yummy orange sherbet and bubblegum pink palettes for bedrooms!

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An Artist a Day: Andrea Long Chavez

I’ve been planning for today’s post once again, as this month every Tuesday I’ll be introducing you to another talented and interesting artist.

I am also proudly inching my way forward toward my blog-iversary, and 100th post which guaranteed to be climatic! Pondering what should I do to celebrate? What should I wear? Who should I invite? The brainstorming goes on!

Today, I’d love to introduce Andrea Long Chavez, whom I described last week as the ‘chronic doodler’.

Andrea is an intriguing artist who specializes in illustration and photography; who also uses fashion to express her inclinations for the day.

Over at She Will Dress Herself, Andrea finds new inspiration with in her interactions with people and old places. You can see what she likes to wear and go along for a metro bus ride with her!

She is equally great at drawing people and she has accomplished much in her young career including awards from the Music Center for Photography. Andrea’s silver gelatin prints pictured below were shown at Bergamont Station in Santa Monica, February 2006.

As well, she was awarded the Scholastic Art & Writing Silver Key for her drawing portfolio, 2006. It is no surprise considering her training at California Animation program at CalArts, Ryman Arts Program at USC, and Otis Young Artists’ Studio Arts Program. Her mediums of choice are acrylic paints, sakura pigma micron, dip pen & ink. Commissions are available upon request!

I hope you enjoy her work and blog as much as I do.

Tommorrow, I’ll show you inspiration boards from my interior design meeting! I need your advice, big time.

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Collage wall+ Life in Sugar Hollow

A while back, as a prize for winning the Lovelies, I was lucky enough to receive a gift from Life in Sugar Hollow photography.

This soft and sweet Stretch Out and Wait print has inspired an impromptu collage wall in our Bathroom. The silver mirrored frame around the print is from Target! I fell for the way it accents our bathroom mirror with it’s subtle shine.

The cluster of frames remains an installation for now. I have used one print by Sonja Gallardo of Hi Cutie Pie on the top left and two snippets of William Morris wallpaper patterns; bottom left and top right to pull it together. The other 3 frames, I had lying around the house. I refinished each by hand one to match Ana’s Barnwood frame I built in Feb, another with Rub n’Buff gold, and the last with metal effects bronzer. For questions on custom finishes simply follow the links or email me at hilary.hahn@ The burnished mirror on the left wall is from Mexico. It is Oaxacan and has been colored through scorching.

What can I say? I love to collect art and rearrange it when the moods strikes me!

I also think small art could look really wonderful in the bathroom, so when I came across this wall in Country Living. I knew I had to share!

Best of all is the way they’ve hung it from white ribbons on a white wall, so it looks like it’s floating!

This room below appeals to me with it’s still life themed art. I’d love to own that chaise too.

So, I’m still debating my own wall if I should keep it as is or narrow it down to three! So much is happening, as I’m inching my way toward my 100th post. I’ll be sharing the work of 3 talented artists this month and 3 DIY projects are all lined up on the horizon like birds.

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