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Great Art, $20 Really.

I love this companies’ slogan so much that I have stolen it for the title of my post today. The story behind the company, 20 x 200 is equally amazing!

I’m excited to show you some of my favorite pieces.

This artist, Younga Park has really caught my eye with 2 of the photographs on the site. While I am browsing, I tend to end up clicking on her photos. As it turns out, she is a Brooklyn based blogger and photographer that loves to “capture narratives of everyday life.”

The coolest thing about this company has to be the pricing of prints starting at just….you guessed it, $20! I am soo going to look here for unique holiday gifts because I love giving art! Two years ago, I found some excellent photography on Etsy of lighthouses for my Uncle and Aunt. The thing about 20×200 is the pieces are already curated for you, so it saves time….which I can not seem to find enough of!

There are some seriously amazing paintings and drawings here too, like this piece by Jennifer Sanchez, lots of movement and neon colors in this piece, sort of like a modern Kandinsky painting.

I hope this week has left you feeling as energized as this painting! I am still recovering from doing too many things:) Tomorrow, I have little surprise Friday DIY for you. You are gonna love it!

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Fleeting Weekend fun

I knew I wanted to stop by when I heard about this pop-up Art show, Fleeting Immersion, on the Haystack Needle last week.

The utterly creative show hosted by Janet Varney and Jessica Mackinson is a collaboration of many artists challenged to design for the theme “Sante Fe Astronaut”! You can see Jessica above standing next to her custom tepee! I just loved the neon green pom-pom trim. Also, If you take a closer look at the picture you will notice her incredible t-shirt by Erhart with a southwestern style fabric pocket and shoulder tabs! I totally want one.

The show runs from September 18-25th for those of you in the Greater L.A. area lucky enough to be able to check it out! For those of you living abroad here’s a glimpse into the life of Astronaut Art melded with Sante Fe style.

One of the many things I liked about this show were the clever little vignettes installed by the curators. Just look at those moon shoes and orange astronaut suit! This table lamp made by Janet Varney diffuses the light perfectly.

There was artwork ranging in scale from micro to macro; as the tiny the owl in an intergalactic environment at left was one of a series of tiny paintings. The playful juxtaposition of the futuristic astronaut done in vintage needlepoint made me smile.

The t-shirts looked so fresh in neon colors, I’m so happy that neon pink is having it’s moment right now!

I also scored some new graphic yoga pants done in bright pink and lavender;) because that is just what I needed to add to my collection on this Saturday afternoon.

The space astronaut oval painting is a must-see-in-person type of painting, although I hope you can tell the amazingness of it by the picture. Over at Jenn’s web site you can see her collage style graphics intermingled with paintings.

Lastly, these snow globes of wolves howling on crystal terrain grabbed my attention. Wouldn’t these be cool as gifts?

Next weekend, you can bid the show farewell in Hollywood at the closing party September 25th from 5-7 p.m!

Hope you all had a fab weekend!

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Captured by Swarm

Remember when I told you, that I fell in love with something other than a dress?

I literally noticed Swarm last week when I bumped into one of these chairs at Anthropologie. I became instantly enamored by this inventive furniture, which for me is like a dream come true! I felt like shouting in store, look everybody there’s a cloud on this chair!

Then, I did some digging around online. As it turns out, Swarmhome conceived by Leslie Oschmann is a home furnishings and accessories studio based in the Netherlands. Just look as this charming applique dresser she has created. I think I’m actually blushing.

Not only does Leslie update furniture, but she retouches vintage paintings by adding patterned papers and fabric.

I just love this next picture of the whole collection of chairs made by laminating paintings onto the surfaces. I wouldn’t mind taking home the dog as well.

Bow wow! Seriously.

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Story of Two Fish

When my neighbor Marca, showed me these 2 incredible hand carved fish tables, I knew I was interested in the project. They were selected by her from a prominent antiques dealer and friend years ago. Although the beauty of their carvings each had withstood the test of time, the table tops and bases needed to be restored. We decided to refinish and recreate them with a decorative flair based on a watercolor painting within the room. You can see the artwork way in background, just to the right of the window.

I know, I’ll grab an extra picture of the painting tomorrow!

Here you can see them as they are further embellished in my studio. I used combination of color washing and gilding to renew the surface. As you will see the oxide red and burnt orange really complement Marca’s own decor. As for the bases we chose a deep blue.

The pair can be used a serving table side by side or alone, when she entertains!

We  really wanted something unique, so we chose to abstract the mossy green lilly pads on the table tops. Whenever, painting on the top of a table, I think about how best to protect the finished artwork. I accomplished these through sanding, painting, and marbleizing techniques. They were then sealed with an oil based polyurethane glaze. Luckily, Marca had glass tops cut for added protection.

I love the how the green orange and blue tie into the room. Next up is the blue  and white mantle that I will be marbleizing!

We are looking for a swatch that will bring in a little gray and white.

Which one do you like best and why?

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Laure Cuvillier

I had the pleasure of meeting Laure Cuvillier at the Silverlake Art, Craft, and Vintage show last month. I was immediately drawn to her dreamy style and cool totebags! I wanted to find out more about her as a person and an artist. Laure was born in Paris, where her love for painting developed and now she is living here in Los Angeles.

I love the imagination I see in her artworks. Especially, that little cowboy boot with tabs that reminds me of a paper doll accessory.

Laure, what made you decide to become a painter?
Painting/designing has been a nagging habit all my life!  I’ve tried to give it up many times but I can’t stop creating new stuff for too long! I grew up spending a lot of time by myself.  I had whole universes filled with imaginary friends in my head. At some point I realized I could bring these imaginary to my real life by depicting them.  I drew and drew and drew.  My mother signed me up for a life drawing class at the Louvres museum in Paris when I was 12.  I went there every saturday for two years to learn how to draw realistically.  After a couple of years,  I could really draw whatever was on my mind.  It was like a superpower, that allowed me to acquire whatever I wanted.  I just had to draw it and it was mine, in some way.  I guess this never went away;  the swirling worlds in my head, the element of surprise when I see how my imagination translates onto paper…. There is a lot of abstraction in my psyche, ideas and feelings I do not have words to distinguish.  Visual expression gives me access to obscure, undeciphered parts of myself.  I think this is why I became a painter.
I should also mention that Laure studied at Hunter College of Art in New York, and the College of Arts and Crafts in San Francisco. She is a trained painter, printmaker, ceramicist, and all around talent.
I love the lightness of the paint on the panel in your work…and the horses!
What materials, themes, or ideas inspire you the most?
I like the idea of communication and relationship, or lack thereof  (which is really the same thing in essence)  This could be the relationship between two or more colors, shapes, elements, ideas, concepts or mediums.  There is something unique about each connection; a story emerges within the blending, the overlapping, the hinging, the touching.  A relationship begins with each encounter;  it is activated by the witnessing of the viewer, which adds a new layer of narrative and relationship.

Could you please share one interesting or little known fact about yourself?

I am also a a creativity coach. I assist people in creating and developing a personal creative language and/or artistic process.

That sounds wonderful! If someone is looking for a a creativity coach how shall they contact you?


What an inspiration.

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A Touch of Color

Weekend treats:

This picture of footwear designer Philippe Model’s bedroom from Paris Style is so sublime. I just found this book on sale. It instantly transports me back to the good ole days living sur l’Ille.

Paris Style

The subtle shades of each color like a value scale painted on the wall. Plus, look at the blanket! I love how French Interiors aren’t too perfect or over designed.

I have visions of doing a rendition of this to one of my living room walls. One day!

Now to really get in the mood francaise for the day, listen to Nouvelle Vague.

This past week, I missed them at the Oohlala festival. What was I thinking?

Have fun out there this weekend!

I’ll be sure to share a DIY and stories, when I am back.

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Card Designs by Edy, Wednesday Giveaway

In the spirit of celebration, we are doing a giveaway!

You may ask what exactly we are celebrating? There are two things: The Strongheart show tomorrow night and the end of summer blogging! I am so proud that I was able to officially launch this site in June and have been blogging and making new friends all summer.

This is my second giveaway on PinkPianos and I plan to many more to draw attention to all the accomplished artists and designers out there. The best part is you don’t have to be in California to play, I will send these out to the winner anywhere in the world.

Today, I have chosen to giveaway a fabulous set of cards by artist Edy Pickens. Each set includes a clear pack of 6 cards and envelopes valued at $15.


You may remember her card designs from my posts on surface design. All cards are blank on the inside and feature a vibrant graphic on the front. Her cards are great for sending “thank you’s” or  “i care about you” notes.


Edy paints and designs many types of artwork. On her site, you can the various commissions and collections of art she creates. Best of all Edy will be showing her work tomorrow night at the Art and Music Fundraiser for the Strongheart Fellowship. The fellowship will send volunteers on a 10-day voyage to Liberia, West Africa to construct a residency for orphaned children.

This one totally blows me away.

Final Egret Web

If you are there, then you will see this painting in person!

If you want to win this giveaway simply leave a comment below about your favorite one of Edy’s paintings. You could also share with us, an artist who’s work you admire. If you use one of these buttons below to Tweet, Digg, or Facebook this raffle, I will give you an additional lucky entry to the contest! Just e-mail me at hilary.hahn@ and let me know what you did! I will announce next Wednesday and will use the random number selector to determine the winner.

Good luck to all!

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