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Renovation: Master Closet Reveal

The Master Closet was something that I struggled with when renovating the property in Historic Clifton.

I loved the idea of a fully customizable closet and wanted to provide all of the features that I could. On the other hand, we were on a budget doing the entire property and the closets seemed to be something extra beyond a necessity.

I came across this closet by Ana White.

I love Ana’s carpentry and her comprehensive design plans. Since, I do not have the ability or time to DIY this one…I showed these to my carpenter to obtain a quote. Unfortunately, in this instance the cost was in the labor and not the materials. His quote was over $1,000….so I had to really consider the value vs. money a built-in closet might add to the property.

I was back at the beginning, looking for ideas when I came across this stunning minimalist walk-in closet on a budget.

via Stylizimo

From this photograph, I mapped out simple design plans for my carpenter to see. This idea came in way under budget because it required minimal labor and materials.

We planned to add:

  • 95″ wooden clothing rod
  • 95″ upper shelving
  • 95″ lower shelving
  • shoe rack
  • mirror
  • decorative lighting

The L-shaped closet within our Master Suite seemed to lend itself to a similar layout and design.

There is a area to the right of the door is large enough to place a dresser or dressing table.

Around 16″ from the floor we used a piece of paint grade pine to build a shoe ledge or shelf for bins and storage on top of a ledge placed by our contractor to hide some HVAC duct work.

Here, I would consider placing a large rectangular mirror on the wall at left.

So, there you have it…by providing minimal shelving along with a sturdy 95″ clothing rod, we designed an open closet space with lots of potential for customization.

I am happy with the results and believe that anyone would love to have a clean slate like this to dress-up and organize their wardrobe.

Thanks to Stylizimo for being my inspiration.

Stay tuned for more on the Master Suite coming soon!


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Studio Rehab: getting organized!

I’m glad to be back after a busy weekend!

This past Saturday, I took one look at my garage/studio and knew I had some serious work ahead. Fall is in the air…or should I say was? and I’ve been thinking about doing some painting outdoors. Here’a a look at some quick organizational fixes that I did in my studio to de-clutter.

Oh~and since I live for using Found Objects, you’ll notice I made two floating shelves out of recycled drawers, drilled a salvaged easel to the wall and painted up some pegboard panels. My goal was not to spend a lot of money on a fancy studio redo, but to tidy up what I already had.

I plan to fancy it up with some finishing touches after I hit up the Malibu Lion’s Club flea market this weekend. I’ll be hunting for a recycling bin, vintage fabrics, and little cool containers.

Wouldn’t it be fun to design a fine artist’s workspace?

On Friday, I am excited to share what I learned at “Get Hung” a little art-biz seminar this past week, plus an inspirational DIY idea.

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