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Autumn Inspiration + Bedroom Progress

Last weekend, we took a trip to the mountains with our friends Jess, Agke and Thurston. They showed us the perfect picnic spot on Mt. Baldy, the highest peak in the San Gabriel mountain range. Sometimes, I forget how lucky I was to have lived a stone’s throw away from this great mountain. Now, the 50 minute drive to the mountain on the weekends comes as a welcome respite.

I soaked in the gully of birch trees.

The leaves on the trees were just starting to change and the air was crisp and cool. I got so inspired to paint and finish an outdoorsy drawing, which I will add to my shop this week.

Next, I was hunting for florals for my client’s bedrroom, I came across beautiful purples and a fiery autumn orange.

Rolling Greens in Los Angeles, is simply my favorite place within the city to gather beautiful florals, real and silk. For the bedroom. we have decided on the faux variety….dirt and bugs in the bedroom, no thank you!

I liked the way they arranged the succelents that I picked out for this planter, the visual texture is looks great next to the window seat.

The bedroom is almost there and we are so proud! We will soon replace the silver lamps with bronze sconces and picture lighting and drumroll…a rococo chandelier. We went with the light nightstands as voted for by many of you. You can find out more about the evolution of the design here.

Again, your comments mean so much to me and I just love hearing about what projects are on the horizon for you. I will leave you a with a gorgeous shot of Santa Monica Beach sunset. I’m just luvin’ the purple and orange hues.

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Pink and Orange: Bedroom Palettes

It’s an exciting day here at PinkPianos because today I’m featuring the color PINK!

I’ve been combing the internet for Girl’s Rooms that inspire and so far I have found some pretty eye-pleasing spaces. Mostly, I’m looking for inspiration that’s fresh and young, plus works well with sage and pink as I am currently, pre-designing two rooms.

I found out about¬†Lisa Fine a little while back and her gorgeous textiles in Domino Magazine totally charmed me. I was lucky enough to spot her portfolio pics in Lonny Magazine and it’s official, I love Lisa’s work!

I would love to see a nightstand in this vibrant shade of mint green. Right now, I’m so all about the star lamps in a pale pink bedroom. Isn’t that soft glow sweet?

Or check out this amazing room in pink by Sixx Design. I love this studio, I first discovered their book Downtown Chic, over a year ago…

Then, there was the amazing Bravo TV series, Nine by Design, about the family.

I wanted to include a few of these because I am drooling over the shades of pink!

Softer with shades of sea foam green and pink can be very soothing. The gray upholstered headboard with a little pattern totally adds to the space.

Soft shades layered in like curtains or blanket in pink also are amazing! My room was pink growing up, but I do not think I truly appreciated it. There are 2 famous kid’s rooms in pink that I’ll be digging around to show you later in the week!

Can’t wait to hear what you think.¬†What are your thoughts on pink and which room do you really love?

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