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Metamorphosis: Girl’s Room

July is the month for the big transformation of the girl’s rooms, which we have all been working on since April! Over the next 30 days, with all of the shopping complete, you will see these spaces evolve through paint, furnishings, art, and accessories.

I must admit that we are very lucky to be working within a space that has such architecturally stunning bones as lofty ceilings, baseboards, and chair rails add to elegance of each room.

We decided on  Dunn Edwards Plum Point hue fade into the Lavender Mist paint for the top portion of the wall. It made sense to go from dark to light as a gradient sweeping up the wall.

Isn’t plum a fun color?! Across the way, we have been painting a tree mural. The tree itself is a dry erase marker board.

Cork  board leaves wrapped in shades of green  linen are coming soon!

Here is a branch up close, I outlined it with brown paint, then highlighted it with Pratt and Lambert Summer Sun and Winter Sky paint for the effect of the sun and sky shining through the branches.

The paint changes in photo are subtle as well as in person. I can’t wait to show you the beds, nightstands, and custom furniture as we install them.

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An Eye for Ornament

I’m elbows deep into a decorative painting project and wanted to share all the beauty it has bestowed upon me. I am in fact restoring and embellishing two woodcut fish end tables with lily pad table tops. Then, I’m off to marbleize a mantle, all for a neighbor of mine. I know it’s a lot to imagine, so I thought I’d pull these pieces to give us all some eye-candy for inspiration.

Instinctively, when I think about faux painting techniques, I tend to shy away. However, this palette of custom effects above are so sublime. I am thinking of doing her mantle using a similar technique from the bottom left.

Scott Waterman is an artist that I’ve been admiring for some time now, his silvery chinoiserie is ultra luxe.

I love the way that his airy murals defy stuffy notions of interior art. This one is soft yet powerful.

One more that I couldn’t resist reminds me of the trees back in Kentucky. This sweeping landscape perfectly accessorizes the traditional wainscot paneling of the room. Scott’s portfolio has so much more depth that I couldn’t include it all here.

In my search for ornament, I came across San Francisco artist, Lynne Rutter whose hexagonal ceiling and faux ripped chinoiserie really caught my eye. Can you believe that rip in the paper is trompe l’oeil? I totally did a double take.

Now on to the brightly powdered walls in Mexico! Color washing is a great technique for adding old world vibrance to a wall or furnishing.

These deep hues may inspire me to do a little faux designing on my own mantle once I finish up with all these projects.

I’m convinced decorative painting can be fresh and modern as these artists have shown us.

I can’t wait to show you what I came up with, once the tables and mantles are ready to go!

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