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Taste of India

Last night’s dinner was a feast for the eyes as well. Here’s a look at the lobby in the Maratha Sheraton.

Find opulence in the grandeur of the atrium…

and craftsmanship the finest details of a glass etching in the elevator corridors.

The restaurant Peshawri is just adjacent to this stunning atrium.¬†Peshwari cuisine is from the north, modern day Peshawar and the Dal Bukhara is slow cooked over charcoals with generous amounts of butter and time; the actual recipe is guarded as secret and cooked for days…

Photo courtesy of Kitchens of India

The naan at Peshawri is tandoori style: soft, flaky and licked by the flames. I found a lovely recipe for this dal over at DelhiBelle.

I hope the first post on this delicious city leaves you feeling both hungry for more yet satisfied.

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