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Woodland Round-Up!

This weekend in Los Angeles was a cozy one for me. The drizzle of the rain, a rarity, in sunny L.A. helped me to focus on taking creative photos inside my studio this weekend.

For my Etsy shop, I have been getting into the gift giving spirit, bookmarking all the great finds out there on Etsy and tailoring my collection for the holiday season. My goal this season is to hand make as many presents as I possibly can and support other hand made artists in the process.

These gift tags are in candy cane colors and are large enough to write a note on the bag of each card.

This next set of photos takes on a woodsy feeling. I love going up to the mountains near the edge of the city and camping in the summertime. These earrings, paintings, and pillow are inspired by those adventures.

These children’s cloth napkin idea came to me on Friday, while I was working with some of the young aritsts that I teach. The cute Montessori school had adorable reusable cloth napkins that I saw folded neatly into a basket. I plan to make them a gift of these holiday napkins, with hand printed silver doves. 

I am so grateful for each and every one of one.

I promise more fun surprises and gift ideas in the weeks to some.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Celery Green Bergere: Before and After

When I found this French Bergere armchair with caning in great condition, I was inspired to reinvent it as a modern piece. Bergere chairs first appeared during the French Regency and this one was likely created during the American Empire Revival Period. I refinished the wood by sanding, priming, and then layering a coat of glossy black enamel lacquer. One panel of the caning had to be completely replaced.

With the help of a talented upholsterer, this French arm chair has come to life in a celery green cotton linen that is super soft and comfy. This item is in my shop now.
While, I’m getting ready to experience France and Italy firsthand, I will make sure not to leave you hanging while I’m away. Look forward to pictures of Spa styling that I just completed as well as photos from a lighting spree to inspire you.


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Wednesday Mood Boards

This is one project that I am really looking forward to. It is the initial design concept for a holistic spa and medical lobby. I am working with a clean palette and shades of natural healthy feeling greens.I am loving the lace pendant that is on sale at Crate and Barrel for this space. It is so soft and elegant. Although, this is just the beginning and a lot could change within this calming and refreshing space.

In contrast to the board above, here is another source of modern classic and slightly more dramatic inspiration. We are working very hard to create a cozy bedroom using many textures and finishes together, such as combining matte black lamps and little pops of brass. Best of all, the art is on it’s way!!!…and I will have a picture soon of an Ethiopian necklace made from nickel in a gorgeous burl wood shadowbox frame. The art will be placed in a vignette with the scone above the nightstand.

I’m liking the shades of gray with the dramatic bursts of purple too! We are still debating the lighting, so I took lots of pictures today at Rejuventation. Shall I share my photostream of goodies later in the week?  How about you, any projects around the house or great shopping that you are into??

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Look Book: Ancient Greece

I recently pulled together a look book inspiration totally and completely by the history and furnishings of Ancient Greece.

Myself having never been, I got really into the images of modern hotels mixed with ancient ruins, and stone sculptures.

Earthy mosaics…

Do you like my model? She’s actually clipped from an ancient painting!

You can not go wrong with a Klismos chair by Saridis of Athens. The seat was traditionally woven leather strapping.

The look book would not be complete without color! Which brings me to my favorite ancient Greek color.

Staying true to fabrics of the time, I used cotton, linen, and leather only. I blended Tyrian purple the color of royalty with lighter sunkissed shades and gray. In ancient times, the purple was made naturally from shellfish, while gray was mixed from soot!

Can you all imagine?!

Lastly, I’m pleased to introduce you to a Greek blog that I truly love Anmarkdesign. Annie gives visitors like me a peak into the world of modern Greece with products graphics and interiors that are so inspiring.

So don’t delay, go and see!

Tomorrow, I will pop in with a few handpicked handmade products for you to see. Then, I’ll be off to the Claremont Green Market for the second weekend!

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Cozying Up the Walls

Some of you may be looking for alternatives to painting or wallpapering a room. Linen on the walls is a wonderful way to add elegance and warmth to a room. I would love to try it in a small space such as an entryway or powder room. Traditionally, linen covered walls was a technique used in wealthy houses during the early 20th century. The linen served as a canvas for paint and prevented cracks from developing. Happily, I came across a modern version of this effect through Casart Coverings, a sister-sister duo that designs and manufactures linen-esque wall coverings made out of a durable vinyl and canvas. I love the rose-peach glow of this room by Casart below.

I could also see doing something really opulent like the linen and velvet in blue-green combination.

Casart also does stair decals like the before and after here. These would be a great solution for a temporary living space like an apartment or for someone who updates their home frequently. They specialize in customizable and removable coverings that quickly transform. As you can see the tiling really makes an ordinary stairwell, pop!

Lastly, you wouldn’t believe how cool grey linen looks with a yellow twist.

photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy

So calming, it could be used as an accent wall behind the bed or throughout the room.

Amongst other exciting news, Pink Pianos has been nominated for a Lovely!

If you are a reader, please pop in over there and leave a shout out under my banner for me!

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