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Photo Styling

Having a blog and a shop, means endless amounts of creative photo styling! Who knew?! Well, here is what’s new from the store:

1. Sea Turtle Illustration for Nursery Decor

2). Cartographer’s Table Nightstand and Wavy Organic Pillows

One more from the photo event;)

3). Vintage Linen Inspiration Board

Using a good camera, daylight, and natural light (i.e. no flash) have made all the difference for me. If you have any great tips or products pics, please share them with me!

Happy Friday! It’s here again;)

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Fine Art Friday: Owls n’ Animals

It’s Fine Art Friday again and this time I’ve finished an Owl painting turned Owlentine (Owl painting + Valentine..hehe) You can buy them in packs of 3. All are a combination print on watercolor paper with hand painted washes and detailing. They come in a crystal clear bag to be collected or traded as a small art pieces. They fit photo frames perfectly. Larger prints are available if you contact me  at hilary.hahn@

I paid a visit to my friend Michelle’s place yesterday. She does beautiful illustrations and paintings. This is one of the pieces that I had the pleasure of seeing.

I am especially drawn to the colors and playfulness of the piece. I can picture both of our artworks in a children’s play area or nursery.

Another reason I can’t wait for Monday (when do I ever say that?) is because I will be sharing a home tour of Michelle’s carefully curated space. Then, you will get to see plenty more art pieces by Michelle whose mom is also a painter. I am having so much fun editing her home pictures today because everything is so modern and pretty.

Any great plans or gallery openings that I should see this weekend in LA? Please inspire me to get out of the house:)

See you on Monday! xx

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Handmade Weekend: Interiors and Exteriors in Art

I met with my artist group, which was so much fun! and managed to sell some jewelry at Claremont’s Green Market. So all in all, it was one fantastic weekend. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by creative friends. I know I promised on Friday that I would send some handmade inspiration your way. So here’s what I’ve come up with today!

Take a look at MissDPhotography’s green door. I love this photo because it has a total European feeling to it.

You can see all of Denisse’s work at MissDPhotography. Fyi, she also plans to make pendants of her photography, which are truly amazing!

Heres a peak at Jill Bliss’ tree houses, who you may remember from this post.

I like how they can be stacked one right on top of the other. I found these particular prints when checking out Jen Bekman’s company 20 x 200. I think it is such a cool small business and a wonderful tool for artists and interior designers.

I love her style for all of it’s intricacies. Here’s one more interior shot over there that I really enjoyed.

I am also seriously interested in using Exteriors and facades in my own paintings. This one is a work in progress for about a year now.

I enjoyed painting it in layers, but havent quite finished!

David Hockney is another famous artist whose interiors come to mind…

I like how the people in these places become the actors in a narrative. Who are they?…and what are they saying?

Join me later this week, when I come up with some yummy orange sherbet and bubblegum pink palettes for bedrooms!

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An Artist a Day: Tory Van Wey

I’m happy to announce my new series, An Artist a Day, in which I will be featuring talented artists every Tuesday in May, that I am lucky enough to know in person.

I met Tory last year at Coachella Valley Art and Music Festival as part of an artist’s team.

Tory Van Wey is an artist and illustrator out of the San Francisco Bay Area. I like her work because it is a playful and insightful. She creates a bridge between the human and natural worlds. As her biography notes, she uses contrast and bold composition to lend a strong graphic quality to her work while her level of detail displays a dedication to finer crafts. Her works spans several mediums including silkscreen and letterpress printing with a primary focus on cut paper and ink illustration.

Tory remembers, “When I was a little girl I used to sit outside in my back yard and construct elaborate scenes using the materials around me. I would use seed pods from the ash tree to make a pair of fairy wings. A fuscia blossom would become a ballerina and acorns from the oak would be hats. I would peel the bark off a birch tree and shape it into houses for the creatures in my imagination. The tactile sense of dirt and leaves between my fingers left me with a great curiosity and love of organic forms. These daydreams from childhood are the roots of common themes present in my work; exploring the opposition and connection between the fantastic and the organic, the natural and man made and reweaving the threads that run throughout.

“The patience and tactility of paper cutting attracted me to the medium and it turned out to be a natural evolution of my drawings and design. I find the simplicity of the medium and the complexity of the final result to be a direct reflection of the contradictions in my art. ”

I think that Tory’s work is really dynamic because of her composition and use of color!

One piece from her blog, that I’d like to share was designed for Beach House the Indie soft rock group from Baltimore, Maryland.

She captures their organic sound so well in this piece. I could totally see it as their album art.

She draws inspiration from ancient Japanese woodblock carvings, vintage concert posters, European folk art, and music of all persuasions.More of Tory’s work can be seen on her blog at www.toryvanwey.com

For more of this series stop by next Tuesday, for images and a biography of artist Andrea Long Chavez.

“A self described ‘chronic doodler,’ Andrea is an artist who works from her environment. Finding inspiration in her interactions with kind people and old places, she likes drawing people on the bus and bargain hunters sifting through thrift stores for that gem.”

More to come!

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Laure Cuvillier

I had the pleasure of meeting Laure Cuvillier at the Silverlake Art, Craft, and Vintage show last month. I was immediately drawn to her dreamy style and cool totebags! I wanted to find out more about her as a person and an artist. Laure was born in Paris, where her love for painting developed and now she is living here in Los Angeles.

I love the imagination I see in her artworks. Especially, that little cowboy boot with tabs that reminds me of a paper doll accessory.

Laure, what made you decide to become a painter?
Painting/designing has been a nagging habit all my life!  I’ve tried to give it up many times but I can’t stop creating new stuff for too long! I grew up spending a lot of time by myself.  I had whole universes filled with imaginary friends in my head. At some point I realized I could bring these imaginary to my real life by depicting them.  I drew and drew and drew.  My mother signed me up for a life drawing class at the Louvres museum in Paris when I was 12.  I went there every saturday for two years to learn how to draw realistically.  After a couple of years,  I could really draw whatever was on my mind.  It was like a superpower, that allowed me to acquire whatever I wanted.  I just had to draw it and it was mine, in some way.  I guess this never went away;  the swirling worlds in my head, the element of surprise when I see how my imagination translates onto paper…. There is a lot of abstraction in my psyche, ideas and feelings I do not have words to distinguish.  Visual expression gives me access to obscure, undeciphered parts of myself.  I think this is why I became a painter.
I should also mention that Laure studied at Hunter College of Art in New York, and the College of Arts and Crafts in San Francisco. She is a trained painter, printmaker, ceramicist, and all around talent.
I love the lightness of the paint on the panel in your work…and the horses!
What materials, themes, or ideas inspire you the most?
I like the idea of communication and relationship, or lack thereof  (which is really the same thing in essence)  This could be the relationship between two or more colors, shapes, elements, ideas, concepts or mediums.  There is something unique about each connection; a story emerges within the blending, the overlapping, the hinging, the touching.  A relationship begins with each encounter;  it is activated by the witnessing of the viewer, which adds a new layer of narrative and relationship.

Could you please share one interesting or little known fact about yourself?

I am also a a creativity coach. I assist people in creating and developing a personal creative language and/or artistic process.

That sounds wonderful! If someone is looking for a a creativity coach how shall they contact you?


What an inspiration.

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Groovy Art Cards

Lets get Tuesday morning started  with a these psychadelicious art cards by Ms. Edy Pickens.

Edy's colorful card

Edy is a wonderful painter living in Southern California. You can discover more about her work here, plus have the chance buy her one of a kind cards. What do you see so far?

Edy's Art Card

Not only is Edy is a good artist friend of mine, but she plays in a band; all while organizing year round programming for her own endeavor, Camp Monkey Muffin, an innovative art program for youth.

As a result of all of this awesomeness in graphic design, look forward next Wednesday to a product giveaway!

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