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Princess Chair

Today, I’m thrilled to introduce to you and old acquaintance.

Once upon a time, there was a chair….

She’d seen alot in her time and her red velvet cushion was becoming shabby.

She desperately needed a little love!

Princess before rehab

After stripping the old veneer off her and sanding her down she looked a bit plain.

She glowed with hand mixed color, a combo of lavender, grey, white, and red; developing a brilliance that was all her own. Selective sanding lent an air of sophistication to her sheen.


Freshly reupholstered with a vibrant vintage inspired print from Martha Negley and comfy new cushion, she is ready to charm guests all over again.

Princess Chair

Princess Chair, a sweet $125, ask about subscriber discount

Good things do come to those who wait. Contact me here, if you’d like to take her home with you.

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Headboard Redo

I came across this funky fabulous headboard at a yard sale and decided to give it an upgrade. What attracted me was it’s solid wood frame and carvings set into it’s shapely design.

Headboard Before pic

I immediately applied a light coat of stripper to peel of the varnish and glossy finish. Next, I went to my sander and buffed off the what was left of the coating. Once the wood was clean and bare, I oiled it to hydrate the wood and keep out the dust particles. What’s left was only to apply two thicks coats of latex semi-gloss paint. I was lucky enough to have some left over from a previous project. After apllying to generous coats and working paint into all the crevices of the wood, I used a polyurethane spray sealer to protect the paint job.


In the future, I hope to take more photographs of the process for all to see. Also, expect to see many of my furnishings up for grabs. This one in particular is already sold, but I couldn’t resist sharing the process in case some of you find old wooden headboards. You may find that a coat of white paint really freshens things up!

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