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Star Light, Star Bright

I am so loving all the Paper Lanterns that I spotted this weekend in Goa. They are providing me new inspiration. Although, they are traditionally a Catholic decoration and very common here in India, I’d love to see the lanterns used as interior decor.

Seeing Stars, Original photo by .TDub via Flickr

This talented photographer has captured them exquisitely.

Photo courtesy of Captured Moments Photography via Flickr.

I can see the all white one used in bundles or how about this Morrocan star lamp that I found on Apartment Therapy? This light really adds something to the room.

Since Goa is a beach-y place, I’d love to add some of these to the sea and surf room I am currently designing.

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Goa + O Hotel

I’m sinking into relaxation mode in lush and festive Goa. My visit here officially feels like a vacation with expansive views like these.

Staying at the O Hotel has felt like an exotic retreat.

Some amenities here include an infinity style pool, rain shower, and spa. Mostly, what I like is the unique architecture and art.

As I am posting this, I sit in the restaurant lounge sipping Masala chai. Above, is a glimpse of the airy restaurant from dinner last night. They offer tasty Asian, Pan Asian, and Chinese cuisines.

Now, onto the highlight of the morning, if I had to pick….

was stumbling into Buddha Arts, a lovely shop located right on the main road. Filled with antiques and treasures…

It’s a trove of sculptures, salvaged panels, and extraordinary novelties. If you are like me this is the really good stuff.

This window built to shelter a deity, and hanging sculptures are just some of the interesting finds. I took home a patchwork pouf, elephant bookends, and antique carved mirror that I cannot wait to find a home (pictures of these are on the way;)

I hope you have all been transported here, for a moment, if only for a tea.

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