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Getting Hung Up

I spent last weekend sorting through a multitude of artworks ranging from poster art to pieces that were in my client’s family for years. After careful consideration, we decided to showcase original artworks and folk art from the bulk of his art collection.

As you walk into the residence, color washed walls and gallery style lights set the mood.

Carved wood shutters brought back from his days in the Peace Corps in Afghanistan.

You could say a person’s art collection speaks a 1,000 words…masks brought back from a trip to Myanmar.

Through the hallway, we set up many tiny vignettes, this one by artist Lionel Barrymore.

contrasted by the Bold Indian Art that hangs over the living room sofa.

The colors of ink in this Malaysian artwork complemented the maroon walls completely.

All in a day’s work…okay, it took two!

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Treasures from India

There are no words to describe all the cool treasures I found in Goa.

This wall panel is functional as both art and a candle holder. I love the charm of the elephant carving and the colored stain on the wood.

This antique panel measures 11″h x 21″w . I have never seen anything quite like this!

These carved wood elephant bookends were my favorite. Just searching for the right books to display with them.

Now you can see the whole mantle with a painting by textile designer Mabel Martinez. I like to change up the mantle all year.

I think of the mantle as sort of an ongoing art installation, where I can add and subtract things for the season; according to my travels or (my favorite) display garlands and cards near the holidays. Since, we live in an apartment is something refreshing to change and style regularly.

I found these brilliant nesting tables in Goa.

I loved the colors and the composition of the design.

I think we are going to use these as nightstands. One large on one side and two small in a little stair step configuration for my stuff! Sometimes, perfect symmetry in design can be over rated, but balance is a must!

Some of these antiques,  I have to share and others have found a place in our home. I set this gorgeous wood carved mirror on top of a chinese butterfly chest, both of which are for sale. I can picture them together or apart, but I love the way mirrors look propped up on vanities or leaned against walls.

The ornate carving and color of the mirror make it a great focal point. It measures 14″h x 16″w.

For now, I am offering all items here, until I can add Google checkout to PinkPianos…a feature that is coming soon:)

If you want to see more contact me at hilary.hahn@ , I have a glass lantern, paper stars and an Indian beanbag (flattened and re-filled)  all of which need a home.

Believe me, were there not a limit on suitcases for travel I would have brought more. Literally, it was a sight to see us dragging all of the above through the Chhatrapati Shivaji airport! The nesting tables were the toughest to explain at customs because they had been wrapped and sewn shut in this funky looking burlap (too bad I should have snapped a pic!), people thought something was alive inside of there.

All in all, I know it was worth effort.

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Kimonos as Art

I’ve been daydreaming of silk kimonos lately. So, I went searching for photos.

In colors both pale and vibrant with intricate batiks.

That’s when I discovered Itchiku Kubota’s Art. Kubota spent 70 years of his life searching for the tsujighana…

the lost art of dyeing, batiking, and painting the Kimonos in the late 15th century. The Smithsonian has featured his collection.

Then, I couldn’t get enough of all things Japanese.

Like these one of a kind gold plated fan earrings.

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Getting Folksy

This is the story of a chair.

It belonged to my neighbor, who had purchased a whole set, but upon her big move she left this lil’ beauty behind.

I’m sure some of you are thinking “I own this chair!” , and it is  a popular type of Windsor loop-back reproduction commonly sold at Target amongst other places;) So, I decided to try my hand at stenciling and making this piece a little more one of a kind.

Another inspiration to revisit stenciling came from a Storque article on surface designer Lena Corwin.

Here is what Violet looked like after I stripped and sanded all the white paint off of her seat.

Not too shabby! I like the look of her with the oiled and sanded natural wood. Ahem…you may also notice the amethyst curtains that I hand dyed this week!

Next, I cut flower shaped stickers from contact paper. I did this by tracing the design onto the contact paper, then applying them to the seat of the chair.

This method of stenciling can be used to create a wall mural too.

To do this yourself, you simply need:

  • A wooden surface
  • Roll of contact/self adhesive paper
  • Scissors
  • Paint and roller
  • Brush for touch ups

I decided to let the natural wood show through the surface, so I didn’t need to do a base coat of paint.

I am pleased as punch with the final results.

Ain’t she a beauty?

If you have similar stencil projects you’d like to share, send over the pics to hilary.hahn@

Next Monday, I will be sharing the work of a talented artist along with an interview here!

Until then, XX!

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