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Secretary Desk: Facelift (Surprise!)

So, I bet you would’ve never guessed that I’ve been hiding out in my studio all week, since I’ve been back, working on this vintage, soon to be antique, Secretary’s Desk. When I got it, it was a sight for sore eyes! My neighbor thought that I would enjoy restoring it and fixing it up more than he would, so…I got to work!

I loved the shape of this piece especially. I thought of a dark wood Jacobean desk with shiny gold knobs, I had seen a while back.

Inside there is plenty of built-in storage, aplace to hold papers, letters, books, a envelopes. For a stationery lover or a writer, this would be a dream!

I almost put shiny gold knobs here, but when I came across these brass pulls, I changed my mind. I had to include this photo because of the blue light in the background. I buffed and shined the surface of the wood with Howards Feed in Wax. It is a natural way of sealing wood and does not emit any harsh fumes. The wax simply penetrates the grain of the wood and hardens. Then, the surface can be polished to a high shine! I prefer this method of finishing wood these days.

Overall, the color of the desk is dark, rich, and stately; but in direct sunlight the stain becomes warm allowing the wood grain to stand out.

Why don’t they make more beautiful carved wooden furniture these days?

I would buy it;)

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Pink Pianos Etsy, peacocks, and vintage

It is rare that I find the time to promote my PinkPianos shop on Etsy. Perhaps, now that I am on vacation in Kentucky, I can really get to work!

It has taken me some time to launch, but keeping the doors open I have had lots of lovely visitors trickle on in which makes me happy.

My shop is a bridge to all the furniture and design work that I do. Here I offer home accessories, vintage finds, hand painted knobs, along with original artworks. As always, custom pieces are available simply email me at hilary.hahn@ to talk about what you envision.

Just look at what the creative people on  The Wedding Channel did with peacock feathers.

Isn’t that sweet?! Then, there’s also hair clips, bookmarks, and I’d love to see a peacock feather garland!

Well, I’m going back to relaxing and catching up on all the blogs that I love to read. I promise to share inspiration from my visit to Kentucky before I leave and to post the final pics of the Girls’ Room Metamorphosis for those of you that have been following.

What could you make with feathers?

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Moroccan Mirror DIY

I’d so love to give you a peak at my latest inspiration and current DIY stencil fab project.

I came across these amazing graphics via DesignAmour.

There are so many talented designers out there, I love to discover someone new each week. They have so much going on over there, check out round two of the moroccan graphics, I found there.

What really grabs me are the colors along with symmetry and composition of the designs.

I’d love to find tiles along a similar vein for a bathroom that I’ll be working on soon!

Now for a peak at my current DIY project…

Here is the large square mirror that I inherited from a friend. As much as I liked it’s original finish I wanted to enhance it.

I know it looked cool in it’s orignal form, but I just can’t wait to layer in some more colors and details. I promise to show you when I do

Friday, I will post a finished product along with pictures of a huge art hang that I just did at a Melrose residence. Stay tuned 🙂

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Well, she’s done it again…that Martha!

She never ceases to amaze. Tiny dust-like flecks of glitter in every color of the rainbow.

Next week, I’ll show you just what happened with all this lovely glitter and I bet you will not guess what I’m gonna do with this glitter buffalo.

…a simple thought in sparkling text.

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Getting Folksy

This is the story of a chair.

It belonged to my neighbor, who had purchased a whole set, but upon her big move she left this lil’ beauty behind.

I’m sure some of you are thinking “I own this chair!” , and it is  a popular type of Windsor loop-back reproduction commonly sold at Target amongst other places;) So, I decided to try my hand at stenciling and making this piece a little more one of a kind.

Another inspiration to revisit stenciling came from a Storque article on surface designer Lena Corwin.

Here is what Violet looked like after I stripped and sanded all the white paint off of her seat.

Not too shabby! I like the look of her with the oiled and sanded natural wood. Ahem…you may also notice the amethyst curtains that I hand dyed this week!

Next, I cut flower shaped stickers from contact paper. I did this by tracing the design onto the contact paper, then applying them to the seat of the chair.

This method of stenciling can be used to create a wall mural too.

To do this yourself, you simply need:

  • A wooden surface
  • Roll of contact/self adhesive paper
  • Scissors
  • Paint and roller
  • Brush for touch ups

I decided to let the natural wood show through the surface, so I didn’t need to do a base coat of paint.

I am pleased as punch with the final results.

Ain’t she a beauty?

If you have similar stencil projects you’d like to share, send over the pics to hilary.hahn@

Next Monday, I will be sharing the work of a talented artist along with an interview here!

Until then, XX!

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Doormat DIY

I saw a great doormat at a friend’s house recently. It was a stunning acrylic artwork painted onto cotton canvas with the ends stitched together.

Talking to Michelle, the owner of the mat, I realized I loved the idea of having art on the floor as well as the walls. This supports the notion that nothing, not even art, is too precious. Kind of like throwing patchwork wall hangings on the floor to be used as carpets.

Time to give it a try!

I have a pile of old dyed cotton muslin, I’d been looking to repurpose. Muslin is lighter than canvas, if you have cotton canvas on hand, I say go for that instead. You may want to prime the surface with a spray gesso before chalking out the design. Here’s what it looked like with a little paint.


This piece was inspired by my little trip to the Central Valley. I’ve been inspired by the rural nature of things…lol…here’s how that drifted into my art!


After painting, your image with acrylics or textile paints, let it dry and look for a strong and complementary backing. I love recycle old sheets, canvas, or even a pillow case for a smaller rectangular mat. I found some white cotton fabric and some leftover Aubergine dye that did the trick. Even natural colored fibers work well. I stitched all three sides with the image turned inside.

Stitch 3 sides

Next, turn it right side out as you would in sewing a pillow.

Doormat right side out

This piece could also be used for a dog’s dishes and water bowl, a patterned runner for the hallway, or outdoor mat! The floor cloths of artist, Marianne Bernsen, whose original piece inspired us, can last for years.

Doormat final step

Dare I wipe my shoes on it, now?

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Vintage frames

Vintage frames are simple to find, elegant as décor, and cheap to boot!

The idea for this post came from the vintage bronze headboard that I completed last week.

On more than one occasion, old wooden frames seem to fall right into my lap. Once, while rummaging through the warehouse at Children’s Museum Los Angeles, I found a dolly full of them. This cache of frames has become my favorite DIY project like when I’m in between designs.

While surfing the net (I get a kick out of calling it that), I found some fabulous handmade artists who sell their own DIY frames on Etsy.

Colorful plaster frames

I like these plaster frames by Olivesomeday because the pastel paint gives them a modern update.

In my opinion, when scouting out vintage frames the more ornate the better.

Here’s how we dressed up Jon’s bedroom with a frame from Wertz Brothers Antiques, all it needed was coat of silver paint. You may remember her from the headboard redo.


This brass frame from Neawear is darling! What surprised and delighted me was the way she describes it as wall jewelry. These come with a chain attached and can be hung around your neck or on the wall. Soo Remarkable!

Brass frame

Additionally, I was stunned by Nea’s Verdi green patina necklace that reminded me of all the patinas I’d love to apply to frames. I haven’t tried the blue one by Modern Masters yet…

Verdi Necklace

Finally~I wasn’t sure what to make of this, but check out these frames stitched into a textile design.

Textiles and frames

Do you love-love it..or not-so-much it? Let me know your thoughts on this one!

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