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Dip Dye DIY

I stole this idea from the Living magazine that I “borrowed” from my Nana on a trip to Kentucky. She gave me a stack to read while on the plane. I guess we know where some of my crafty instincts come from- and I don’t mean Martha!

Aren’t the results exquisite? When I saw this there were so many things that I wanted to dip in dye that I didn’t know where to start!

Beach bags, totes and autumn scarves all rank up there pretty highly. Baskets in leftover house paint, RIT fabric dye on the ends of curtains...oooh…awww…the white and red paint looks as crisp as the autumn air.

I know I could score some affordable and fabulous baskets over at Cost Plus World Market. Man I love that place! Then, I did what they did over at Paint Me Plaid.

(Great job~ by the way!) I found something to upcycle …and VOILA!

It was a complete coincidence that the colors in the 2 pics are similar. I started with a darker turquoise then quickly realized I needed a whole LOT more paint. So, I dumped a quart of leftover white into a larger bucket and swished it around. Although the basket in the before pic looks decent the bottom was actually pretty soiled…so I thought a dunk in a fresh color would make it new again! Would you agree?

What do you have lying around the house to dye?

I’m still itching to try out something in Hunter Green. May need to scratch that one pretty soon.

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Room with a View: Curtains

Whether you are,

Gazing out the window.

Reading a magazine.

Enjoying a book.

Staring out over at the ocean.

Waking up to the sunrise.


Looking for the hummingbirds

nestled in the palm fronds.

Watching the sunset,

A sheer pair of curtains goes a long way. I love the view from our bedroom in Los Angeles because we have lush green banana trees that give me the feeling we might very well be living in Hawaii.

Light weight curtains paired with blinds even the ugly ones that came with our apartment do just the trick.

I’m also digging these Hippie Chick, tie-dye curtains by CottageHomeCouture.

I just read the best article on dip-dying fabric in Living magazine and I’m itching to give this technique a try. Here you see the two tone turquoise color panels. I also think bright white dipped in indigo looks really fresh!

My favorite curtain inspiration is below. I love anything monochromatic or playing with hue. This photo from Domino magazine was taken from a Prada inspired palette.


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