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Ombre Desk Before and After

My client was inspired by an ombre painted desk that she had seen on this cute furniture blog.

As soon as we knew that we wanted a 6 drawer double sided desk, I began to scour all of my favorite vintage locations around Los Angeles. This desk was in good condition, all the drawers worked properly and ended up being the perfect fit for the space at a little less than 42″ wide.

Admittedly, I like white furniture, but this piece had a few quirks, bumps and scratches in the surface and a less than smooth paint job with drips!

I spent a lot of time just sanding it down, filling dents with wood filler and priming it. Then, I would go back and repeat the sanding step between coats of white paint.

The colors on the desk are completely hand-mixed except for the darkest color, Guava Jam by Benjamin Moore. You can find out more about this process that I did on my Ombre Dresser DIY.


Also, the lighting in the photo is making the base color Guava appear more orangey and darker than it really is…the outdoor studio picture in daylight is the most accurate.

After completing this, I can not wait to sand down my own desk in my office…I am considering a 2 tone gray desks with shiny new knobs…I will be sure to post pictures of the process.

Later this week, I will share photos of a mosaic table that I designed with an artist friend, Edy Pickens over the weekend. We were art-making by the poolside and making summer last!

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Secretary Desk: Facelift (Surprise!)

So, I bet you would’ve never guessed that I’ve been hiding out in my studio all week, since I’ve been back, working on this vintage, soon to be antique, Secretary’s Desk. When I got it, it was a sight for sore eyes! My neighbor thought that I would enjoy restoring it and fixing it up more than he would, so…I got to work!

I loved the shape of this piece especially. I thought of a dark wood Jacobean desk with shiny gold knobs, I had seen a while back.

Inside there is plenty of built-in storage, aplace to hold papers, letters, books, a envelopes. For a stationery lover or a writer, this would be a dream!

I almost put shiny gold knobs here, but when I came across these brass pulls, I changed my mind. I had to include this photo because of the blue light in the background. I buffed and shined the surface of the wood with Howards Feed in Wax. It is a natural way of sealing wood and does not emit any harsh fumes. The wax simply penetrates the grain of the wood and hardens. Then, the surface can be polished to a high shine! I prefer this method of finishing wood these days.

Overall, the color of the desk is dark, rich, and stately; but in direct sunlight the stain becomes warm allowing the wood grain to stand out.

Why don’t they make more beautiful carved wooden furniture these days?

I would buy it;)

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Girl’s Room: Final Photos

These rooms have been 4 months in the making. Just look at how everything has turned out! I love this laid back beachy interior accented by the glow of the coconut shell lamp.

The markerboard tree just grew and grew! First, I taped off the area on the wall, literally taping the curves and lines of the trees branches. Then, I rolled out the dry erase paint, which took a few coats. Another thing to note, is that it sets up very fast, so when working with the mixture be prepared to paint one layer, then allow it to dry 15 minutes between coats. Using a smooth foam roller provides a flat finish on the wall. I did a simple outline in light brown with sunshine yellow and sky blue accents. The leaves are wrapped in shades of green linen and made from cork, so they double as a place to hang up art as well.

I am also happy with the outcome of the custom made bench! We designed the seat cushion to be sewn from an Amy Butler fabric called Knots.

The drawer pulls are glass from Restoration Hardware. I love these!

One more detail that finishes the room are the capiz shells that line the curtains.

If you missed the before pics from this series, click on the Metamorphosis button to the right. Mia’s room is glowing with shades of lilac and silver and I really like how the two-tones or purple allow the architectural details such as the chair rail to pop out.

The lofted ceilings are so beautiful on their own, but the new Maskros light made of wire and paper from IKEA sure does hold it’s own in the space. At night, the light casts tiny little circular reflections on the walls.

We are really happy with the way the rooms have turned out. The Fatboy beanbag and silver cubes are the perfect accessories for a teen ready to chill out with her friends. I’d even love to have  the black dress form to dress up the night before, when planning tomorrow’s outfit!

Did I mention that there’s also a disco ball?!

Oh and coming soon, I can show you Mia’s bed, which is amazing. It will be assembled, when I return from my vacation. Of course, there will also be professional pics of both rooms. We are currently seeking an interior photographer looking to build their portfolio of work.

It would be hard for me to choose which room I like the best because the styles are so different! Which elements of the design do you prefer and why?

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