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Organic Modern Residence Restyle

Some homes are really fun to work on. Some clients are very cool to work with. This project is both! I love the Spanish style architecture of the Alexander Residence. I found the clean palette of the all white walls enticing.

This project was all about working with the existing pieces that were functioning, then adding a simple modern organic decor elements like the coat rack above and the bench below. We also added the long and narrow denim runner and basket to store additional shoes or bags.

This gorgeous and modern mirror will be hung to the left of the coat rack.

This home is still a work in progress, but I couldn’t resist sharing a few more process pictures. I will have pro capture the true beauty in a few weeks with me.

I’m loving the glow that the x-base chrome lamp gives off in the corner of the living space.

I am proud of the custom walnut sofa wraps that I had made for this project. I have decided to carry them in my shop in a variety of hardwoods! I do think the walnut will be the most popular and love the dark wood with the blue printed pillows that we had custom made.

The blue and white fabric comes all the way from India and was the last on the roll, they are very special to me.

In keeping with the calm blue theme, we decided to paint an accent wall in the kitchen, which faces a mirrored backsplash that we are going to install. I can’t wait to see the pretty blue wall color reflected in the mirrored tiles.

These linen roller shades are a soft and clean touch to the room. I am so pleased with how the cream colored linen looks on the white kitchen walls. The metal and wood stools are a new addition as well. We noticed they are child friendly and do not wobble the way that some tri-pod stools do.

Since, natural wood is one of my favorite elements in design, so I’ve decided to offer this custom coat rack my shop too!  It is available in various lengths and hard woods (walnut is pictured here).

I will try to save the big reveal of this residence for when I have the pro photos and the mirrored backsplash installed.

Hope you all are having a fun and blissful new year!


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Daisies for your Monday

(new in Etsy Shop)

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Chevrons: Part 2

Last year, I hand painted his black and white zig-zag wall for a commercial film shoot. You can see how I did it back then. I was thrilled when I received this update from Trevor. He is a Director/Producer and I suspect he has a Designer streak as well after seeing how he put together the space. He found a gorgeous modern wood bed to effectively style the room. After looking around at many of the relevant design chains, he found this at BluePrint furniture. This reminded me that a while back, I once found functional modern chairs and desks for an Office Space. Seeing as how it’s only three blocks away, I should always check out this place! 

The timing couldn’t have been more serendipitous because I just finished up-cycling a mini console table that I plan to show you this weekend.

Stay tuned!


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Styling: A Day in the Life

Please excuse the Beatles reference, since I started off the morning humming to them. After a delicious brunch  at Joan’s on Third, I had some time to play around in my dining room with a few accessories. I guess this is how I relax on t.v. free days.

Some pieces are for an upcoming photo shoot, others are personal heirlooms, and the necklace belongs to a client of mine and is on the way to the framers, but I thought it would be fun to photograph.

Wax flowers can be really sweet. Does anyone else love to paint still lives?

Although some of you have seen our mantle a jillion times,  it’s different yet again.

Lastly, I’d like to know your opinion. Which arrangement do you prefer? I know each one is only slightly different, but if you had to choose which one would it be, 1, 2, or 3?

I will be back tomorrow with some Art and Inspiration for Valentine’s Day that I have been collecting.

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Michelle and Rob’s Santa Monica Dream

Happy Monday everybody! I hope this next home tour takes the edge off of your Monday and leaves you feeling laid back and inspired.

Are you ready for a tour of Michelle and Rob’s mid-century modern space?

I met Michelle while working on the faculty of the Brentwood Art Center. Having Michelle as a good friend, I got to be a part of the design process firsthand because we both tend to obsess over all things design! As you enter their Santa Monica home the open-plan living and dining room is very inviting. Michelle chose all the paint colors and trim carefully considering the creams and whites to brighten and lighten the living space. Another great addition was her choice of a white modern fan.

The walnut dining table along with the white Modernica chairs offer great contrast and mid century modern living. I was lucky enough to catch the afternoon sunshine there with the curtains blowing in the breeze.

Here is Michelle at home in the room! I have always wanted to get one of these spine bookshelves too because they take up little visual space and hold plenty of books.

Throughout the home, you can not help but notice Michelle’s collection of fine art. As you may remember from Friday that Michelle is an illustrator and art instructor. Her creative space is clean and inspired from the vignette at her desk…

to the canvas at her work space. By the way, she is currently working on a watercolor dollhouse illustration, which I’ll be sure to share with you, when she finishes. I’m intrigued by the original sketch.

Clever styling and unique lighting adds charm throughout the space.

As graceful and clean as the studio space is nothing could be a cooler counterpart than Rob’s man cave. Where Rob intermingles toys, videos, games, and his first piece of self-painted of original art. How appropriate for him to have loft space above the studio where he can showcase his collection of action figures.

I know it has all been amazing to soak in, so I will leave you with just these. What are some of your favorite things about their Santa Monica space?

Later this week, check back in as I vow to post bonus pictures of kitchen appliances and stylish accessories- you will not want to miss!

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St. Valentine+papel picado

On Saint Valentine’s Day, historically people wrote messages or recited poems to signify their affection for each another.

Hand made cards were written on decorative paper and often contained a romantic poem. These early cards were decorated with lace, pressed flowers or ribbons to increase their beauty. This tradition carried on through to the 1600s.

I have been saving this papel picado for a few months now, my friends Mark and Sara buy it in Oaxaca, Mexico. Isn’t it fun?

I hope your Valentine’s Day brings something sweet:)

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PinkPianos at NiceDwells

I think I’m going to love being a blogger over at NiceDwells, here’s a peak of what I wrote for them yesterday.

I’d like to share a few tips for bringing the outdoors INSIDE for Fall.

Use natural materials

Like this Driftwood coffee table. In this room, I see natural materials like stone, leather, driftwood, iron, and wool fibers have been incorporated into the living space.

Rain Shower

Relax into a tropical downpour each day with a rain shower. I love experiencing these on vacation in my hotel room, so why not bring one home? A rain shower is easy to install, you just need to right shower head.

Accessorize naturally.

DIY or buy accessories that remind you of nature.

I can be pretty ambitious and I’ve noticed that driftwood mirrors are really in. I’ve seen them everywhere from Etsy to Neiman Marcus and  this autumn I plan on sculpting my own.

Natural centerpieces

for entertaining are a must!  You can design them yourself by taking a nature walk and collecting leaves, branches, and pinecones, or you can go to the nearest florist and mix together an original bouquet. I like these beauties because they are all vivid and bright. I also like the vintage glass jars that I see being reused.


This living wall by Flora Grubb serves as artwork and greenery at the same time. Plus, it is eco-friendly and takes little water to keep alive.

To Go

Or maybe you are like me, never home and always on the go, I have found the perfect natural accessory. This birch bark cuff is so clever! Each piece is handmade and no two pieces are the same due to the quality and texture of the bark. The smooth side is flush to your wrist leaving no itchy feelings. I don’t know about you all, but I’ll never look at bark quite the same!

How will you accessorize your home and entertain guests in this post Labor Day season?

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