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Handmade Weekend: Interiors and Exteriors in Art

I met with my artist group, which was so much fun! and managed to sell some jewelry at Claremont’s Green Market. So all in all, it was one fantastic weekend. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by creative friends. I know I promised on Friday that I would send some handmade inspiration your way. So here’s what I’ve come up with today!

Take a look at MissDPhotography’s green door. I love this photo because it has a total European feeling to it.

You can see all of Denisse’s work at MissDPhotography. Fyi, she also plans to make pendants of her photography, which are truly amazing!

Heres a peak at Jill Bliss’ tree houses, who you may remember from this post.

I like how they can be stacked one right on top of the other. I found these particular prints when checking out Jen Bekman’s company 20 x 200. I think it is such a cool small business and a wonderful tool for artists and interior designers.

I love her style for all of it’s intricacies. Here’s one more interior shot over there that I really enjoyed.

I am also seriously interested in using Exteriors and facades in my own paintings. This one is a work in progress for about a year now.

I enjoyed painting it in layers, but havent quite finished!

David Hockney is another famous artist whose interiors come to mind…

I like how the people in these places become the actors in a narrative. Who are they?…and what are they saying?

Join me later this week, when I come up with some yummy orange sherbet and bubblegum pink palettes for bedrooms!

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