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An Eye for Ornament

I’m elbows deep into a decorative painting project and wanted to share all the beauty it has bestowed upon me. I am in fact restoring and embellishing two woodcut fish end tables with lily pad table tops. Then, I’m off to marbleize a mantle, all for a neighbor of mine. I know it’s a lot to imagine, so I thought I’d pull these pieces to give us all some eye-candy for inspiration.

Instinctively, when I think about faux painting techniques, I tend to shy away. However, this palette of custom effects above are so sublime. I am thinking of doing her mantle using a similar technique from the bottom left.

Scott Waterman is an artist that I’ve been admiring for some time now, his silvery chinoiserie is ultra luxe.

I love the way that his airy murals defy stuffy notions of interior art. This one is soft yet powerful.

One more that I couldn’t resist reminds me of the trees back in Kentucky. This sweeping landscape perfectly accessorizes the traditional wainscot paneling of the room. Scott’s portfolio has so much more depth that I couldn’t include it all here.

In my search for ornament, I came across San Francisco artist, Lynne Rutter whose hexagonal ceiling and faux ripped chinoiserie really caught my eye. Can you believe that rip in the paper is trompe l’oeil? I totally did a double take.

Now on to the brightly powdered walls in Mexico! Color washing is a great technique for adding old world vibrance to a wall or furnishing.

These deep hues may inspire me to do a little faux designing on my own mantle once I finish up with all these projects.

I’m convinced decorative painting can be fresh and modern as these artists have shown us.

I can’t wait to show you what I came up with, once the tables and mantles are ready to go!

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