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Wednesday Mood Boards

This is one project that I am really looking forward to. It is the initial design concept for a holistic spa and medical lobby. I am working with a clean palette and shades of natural healthy feeling greens.I am loving the lace pendant that is on sale at Crate and Barrel for this space. It is so soft and elegant. Although, this is just the beginning and a lot could change within this calming and refreshing space.

In contrast to the board above, here is another source of modern classic and slightly more dramatic inspiration. We are working very hard to create a cozy bedroom using many textures and finishes together, such as combining matte black lamps and little pops of brass. Best of all, the art is on it’s way!!!…and I will have a picture soon of an Ethiopian necklace made from nickel in a gorgeous burl wood shadowbox frame. The art will be placed in a vignette with the scone above the nightstand.

I’m liking the shades of gray with the dramatic bursts of purple too! We are still debating the lighting, so I took lots of pictures today at Rejuventation. Shall I share my photostream of goodies later in the week?  How about you, any projects around the house or great shopping that you are into??

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Danish Gray: Malene Birger

In the interest of time…I’m going to keep this post short and sweet. I came across this room by Malene Birger last week when searching for great chandeliers. I loved what I saw. The chandelier does so much for the charm of this intimate space, which appears to have a lofty ceiling.

I discovered Malene Birger is a Danish Designer behind a couture fashion line. This is her stylish living room in Majorca, Spain that I spotted via Habitually Chic, an equally charming blog that you should head on over to see!

The lamps…the photo ledge…the gray and black…Is it European love? Oui, Oui!

Happy Monday, folks! I promise to be back and in the swing of things with new Art recommendations later this week!

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Duchess Chambre

Bedroom Inspiration

I created this sunny palette for a bedroom inspiration board. My own bedroom is one that I’d love to redecorate. Thus in the coming weeks, I’m going to be digging up  delicious wall paint colors and proposing different palettes. This one is so feminine and pretty. I also love the natural linen that I found from ThatFunkyBoutique’s shop on Etsy.

That awesome coffee filter garland is an awesome DIY project from the blog of Pamela Garrison. I’m thinking of making a similar holiday decoration from cupcake wrappers and twine. Will post pics once I’ve crafted it up.

Did you see the natural wood Matroyshka dolls? I love the color splash that the red headed dolls bring to the room. I do think that natural ones posses a certain je ne sais quoi. I read about them on Apartment Therapy, where they are meant to be a DIY project with paint!

I picture all bedding and curtains in soothing neutrals and soft linen…I’m going to call it ~the Duchess’ suite!

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A Touch of Color

Weekend treats:

This picture of footwear designer Philippe Model’s bedroom from Paris Style is so sublime. I just found this book on sale. It instantly transports me back to the good ole days living sur l’Ille.

Paris Style

The subtle shades of each color like a value scale painted on the wall. Plus, look at the blanket! I love how French Interiors aren’t too perfect or over designed.

I have visions of doing a rendition of this to one of my living room walls. One day!

Now to really get in the mood francaise for the day, listen to Nouvelle Vague.

This past week, I missed them at the Oohlala festival. What was I thinking?

Have fun out there this weekend!

I’ll be sure to share a DIY and stories, when I am back.

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