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Ombre Desk Before and After

My client was inspired by an ombre painted desk that she had seen on this cute furniture blog.

As soon as we knew that we wanted a 6 drawer double sided desk, I began to scour all of my favorite vintage locations around Los Angeles. This desk was in good condition, all the drawers worked properly and ended up being the perfect fit for the space at a little less than 42″ wide.

Admittedly, I like white furniture, but this piece had a few quirks, bumps and scratches in the surface and a less than smooth paint job with drips!

I spent a lot of time just sanding it down, filling dents with wood filler and priming it. Then, I would go back and repeat the sanding step between coats of white paint.

The colors on the desk are completely hand-mixed except for the darkest color, Guava Jam by Benjamin Moore. You can find out more about this process that I did on my Ombre Dresser DIY.


Also, the lighting in the photo is making the base color Guava appear more orangey and darker than it really is…the outdoor studio picture in daylight is the most accurate.

After completing this, I can not wait to sand down my own desk in my office…I am considering a 2 tone gray desks with shiny new knobs…I will be sure to post pictures of the process.

Later this week, I will share photos of a mosaic table that I designed with an artist friend, Edy Pickens over the weekend. We were art-making by the poolside and making summer last!

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Nature, my true love

I’m glad to be back home in L.A., after an extremely windblown, relaxing, and gorgeous weekend at Gaviota State Beach camping with friends!

“When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky.”Buddha. Here was a moment like this.

Below the kelp grew naturally on the rocks as beautiful as any painting.

In the background, lies the train bridge and pier. I truly love is the subtle play of a man made presence within nature.

Look out this week, I’m well rested and ready to go! I promise to delve into a new studio piece and a facelift on a dresser.

I have also just joined Bloglovin’, so you can Follow my blog with bloglovin, so many talented writers are there!

Content as ever to be back here with you all:)

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