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Doormat DIY

I saw a great doormat at a friend’s house recently. It was a stunning acrylic artwork painted onto cotton canvas with the ends stitched together.

Talking to Michelle, the owner of the mat, I realized I loved the idea of having art on the floor as well as the walls. This supports the notion that nothing, not even art, is too precious. Kind of like throwing patchwork wall hangings on the floor to be used as carpets.

Time to give it a try!

I have a pile of old dyed cotton muslin, I’d been looking to repurpose. Muslin is lighter than canvas, if you have cotton canvas on hand, I say go for that instead. You may want to prime the surface with a spray gesso before chalking out the design. Here’s what it looked like with a little paint.


This piece was inspired by my little trip to the Central Valley. I’ve been inspired by the rural nature of things…lol…here’s how that drifted into my art!


After painting, your image with acrylics or textile paints, let it dry and look for a strong and complementary backing. I love recycle old sheets, canvas, or even a pillow case for a smaller rectangular mat. I found some white cotton fabric and some leftover Aubergine dye that did the trick. Even natural colored fibers work well. I stitched all three sides with the image turned inside.

Stitch 3 sides

Next, turn it right side out as you would in sewing a pillow.

Doormat right side out

This piece could also be used for a dog’s dishes and water bowl, a patterned runner for the hallway, or outdoor mat! The floor cloths of artist, Marianne Bernsen, whose original piece inspired us, can last for years.

Doormat final step

Dare I wipe my shoes on it, now?

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