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Getting Folksy

This is the story of a chair.

It belonged to my neighbor, who had purchased a whole set, but upon her big move she left this lil’ beauty behind.

I’m sure some of you are thinking “I own this chair!” , and it is  a popular type of Windsor loop-back reproduction commonly sold at Target amongst other places;) So, I decided to try my hand at stenciling and making this piece a little more one of a kind.

Another inspiration to revisit stenciling came from a Storque article on surface designer Lena Corwin.

Here is what Violet looked like after I stripped and sanded all the white paint off of her seat.

Not too shabby! I like the look of her with the oiled and sanded natural wood. Ahem…you may also notice the amethyst curtains that I hand dyed this week!

Next, I cut flower shaped stickers from contact paper. I did this by tracing the design onto the contact paper, then applying them to the seat of the chair.

This method of stenciling can be used to create a wall mural too.

To do this yourself, you simply need:

  • A wooden surface
  • Roll of contact/self adhesive paper
  • Scissors
  • Paint and roller
  • Brush for touch ups

I decided to let the natural wood show through the surface, so I didn’t need to do a base coat of paint.

I am pleased as punch with the final results.

Ain’t she a beauty?

If you have similar stencil projects you’d like to share, send over the pics to hilary.hahn@

Next Monday, I will be sharing the work of a talented artist along with an interview here!

Until then, XX!

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Booth pics!

Oh, the joy of another show has come and gone! I always seem to have a good time, but this sale was especially nice having a green canopy and garland overhead. April and I had a blast on Saturday crafting these merry signs that  I will teach you to make later this week.

Silverlake Arts and Crafts booth

I love to create and earrings are so much fun! Here’s part of my new display.

Earring Tree

These silk tie necklaces on salvaged wood floors are the best look yet. I tried plywood before, but I prefer to use these floor samples for their size and color.

Necklace display

My shop has lots of goodies in store.

HaPpY MoNdAy friends!


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Botanical Sketches by Mackintosh

I am getting inspired. I am working on a mural design using Botanical flowers. Also, I’m writing a unit for instruction called CRAFT.

Just yesterday, I discovered the work of Charles Mackintosh. Over his career, he worked as a interior designer, painter, furniture designer, textile artist and all that I aspire to generally become.

His sketches of flowers were simply amazing. This one the Cactus Flower.

Cactus Flower

and below the Cuckoo Flower watercolor.


How would you like to have these framed and hanging in your salle de bains, (sounds so much nicer than bathroom doesn’t it) ?

Mackintosh Roses

Ah-The famous Mackintosh Roses.


Next week, you’re in for some excitement. We have a Giveaway Wednesday and Gallery visit Thursday.

I will also find time to show off my new mural sketches.

Have a sweet relaxing weekend!

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Morris & Co.

Now for today’s brief art history lesson!

I came across some research I did in 2004 and thought it may be interesting in lieu of real travel to travel back in time today and look at some designs from William Morris.

Morris was a British designer who aspired to incorporate art into all aspects of daily living. He was indeed a bit of Renaissance man specializing in calligraphy, printing, weaving, and embroidery; yet he lived during the 19th century.

He was an innovator who wanted to incorporate art into every crevice of the home.

Check out his Chrysanthemum wallpaper.


I love the color palette and intricacies of his work. His other work includes carpets, tiles, and all sorts of textile designs. There is an organic quality reflective of his love for nature. Let’s look at his Honeysuckle wallpaper, a former favorite of mine.

william morrishoneysuckle1883

Yep~I still love it! Now, I’ve come up with an idea on how to bring his art into the 21st century. A few years ago, I did a painting that was a modern interpretation on a William Morris design. Now, I’d  really love to take the same idea and apply it to a wall mural coming up with a modern interpretation of his work in an entryway or hallway.

Ok. Here’s one more I can’t resist, his Artichoke wallpaper.


As you can see by entangling all these elements of earthly beauty, he creates a simple, yet stunning design. I’m going to work on developing a .pdf stencil for download, sort of a nod to his gorgeous work and design.

Plus, I’m serious about the wall art. If anyone would be interested in a custom piece, send me a message!

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