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American of Martinsville

Heres is a picture of my new toy, the orbital sander!

I went for this one because up until now, I did all of my sanding with a palm sander. I liked the little mouse for tough to reach corners and still use it for that. The orbital sander buffs off layers of varnish fast and I like how it’s random orbit ensures that no tracks are left behind in the wood.

Since I love to refinish vintage and antiques I bought this with restoration in mind. I have had this American of Martinsville table for a while now. I knew that I wanted to restore the top and legs to show off the beauty of the rosewood and satinwood.

I even loved the nickel drawer pulls, which are unique to the piece. They could easily be re-plated but I decided to leave them for now.

The drawer looks shiny because I had just applied a fresh coat of wax!

It is my newest piece in shop!

I am so glad to be back from our little excursion. I will post trip pics on Tumblr later today.

Happy Monday folks!

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