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Fine Art Friday: Jim Dine

Here we go again~suuuper glad it’s Friday and I will be sleeping in this weekend! (at least until 9…does anyone else agree that counts as sleeping in?)

This next artist is best known for his Pop Art, and although I do not know him personally, I would LOVE to meet him;) I am inspired by his work more than ever this month. Dine, a native of Cincinnati, Ohio…90 miles from my home town, was a high school art teacher prior to becoming a full-time painter and sculptor. I even read that he dappled in performance art and poetry, thus was known around town as a Renaissance man.

I HEART texture and pastel.

Four hearts are better than one!

Next Saturday, I am participating in an art show, February 11. called I Art You.

I will be exhibiting my jewelry collection and wearable art. YOU are invited!

Thank you so much for your blog love and support!

P.S. I still have Michelle and Rob’s kitchen pics to show you, but I think I’m going to wait until next week.

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Fleeting Weekend fun

I knew I wanted to stop by when I heard about this pop-up Art show, Fleeting Immersion, on the Haystack Needle last week.

The utterly creative show hosted by Janet Varney and Jessica Mackinson is a collaboration of many artists challenged to design for the theme “Sante Fe Astronaut”! You can see Jessica above standing next to her custom tepee! I just loved the neon green pom-pom trim. Also, If you take a closer look at the picture you will notice her incredible t-shirt by Erhart with a southwestern style fabric pocket and shoulder tabs! I totally want one.

The show runs from September 18-25th for those of you in the Greater L.A. area lucky enough to be able to check it out! For those of you living abroad here’s a glimpse into the life of Astronaut Art melded with Sante Fe style.

One of the many things I liked about this show were the clever little vignettes installed by the curators. Just look at those moon shoes and orange astronaut suit! This table lamp made by Janet Varney diffuses the light perfectly.

There was artwork ranging in scale from micro to macro; as the tiny the owl in an intergalactic environment at left was one of a series of tiny paintings. The playful juxtaposition of the futuristic astronaut done in vintage needlepoint made me smile.

The t-shirts looked so fresh in neon colors, I’m so happy that neon pink is having it’s moment right now!

I also scored some new graphic yoga pants done in bright pink and lavender;) because that is just what I needed to add to my collection on this Saturday afternoon.

The space astronaut oval painting is a must-see-in-person type of painting, although I hope you can tell the amazingness of it by the picture. Over at Jenn’s web site you can see her collage style graphics intermingled with paintings.

Lastly, these snow globes of wolves howling on crystal terrain grabbed my attention. Wouldn’t these be cool as gifts?

Next weekend, you can bid the show farewell in Hollywood at the closing party September 25th from 5-7 p.m!

Hope you all had a fab weekend!

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An Artist a Day: Leah Padow

I sat down for a brunch-time interview with Los Angeles based artist, Leah Padow to find out more about her sublime paintings and motivations behind her work. Leah paints in acrylic, watercolor, pencil, and paper. You will notice how she juxtaposes light cool and dark warm colors at once.

Leah graduated from the Studio Art Program at Cal State Long Beach and remembers her favorite class being Color Theory. Which explains why, Leah’s work is often full of  brightly colored organic shapes …

When asked if she’d ever thought of being something other than an artist. Leah relates her first experiences with creating an artwork as a child. She remembers using Xerox and scotch tape to produce a series of toilet sculptures, later came a bicycle and an ironing board. How cool is it, that she created a series at age 5? So being an artist seemed only natural, although becoming an architect may have been runner-up as you’ll see a definite balance and order in her compositions.

I get a feeling from looking her pieces, how about you?

Her current series is all about skin is and is open to audience interpretation. Currently, she is “painting with paper” a style that has been evolving since her earlier work. I hope to post one of her latest paintings soon. In the between time,  if you’d like to contact Leah you can do so by emailing lovelee30@gmail.com. Leah is a member of Women Painter’s West and the Wednesday Collective. I will keep you updated about her upcoming shows.

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