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Artist Round-up: Palm Springs

One place that I go to for design inspiration is Palm Springs, CA and the desert surrounding it. There is something magical about the expansiveness, colors, and natural landscape that appeals to many. Visual artists over the years have built their art practices out in the desert.

Over on A Day in the Life, I will share some of my 5 favorite artists + one blogger, who live in the desert, inspire or creatively captures those desert vibes for me.  From Los Angeles to the Palm Springs area, you can make it out there in just under 2 hours.

Read more about my 5 favorite artists here.

Happy Monday!


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Postcards from Rome + Paris Je t’aime

View from my window of Campo di Fiori

brunelleschi’s Dome and the town of Corniglia.

Photography by me and Ashish Vaid.

I’ll leave you with a pic of Paris!

Party for me like the Romans this weekend;)



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Postcards from Abroad

Namaste and Hallo! I’ve been trying to come up with a clever way to encompass all the places I’ve been this past month. I wanted to share with you the feeling of inspiration I found in such beauty-filled surroundings. These are the best photos from the trip.

The artful flowering bowls arranged at Ananda Resort, Rishikesh.

I’m hoping you feel like you took a mini-vacation just by looking at these. I think that they would make great postcards. I always intend to send some in the mail, but rarely get around to writing them amidst the backdrop of an adventure.

Next up this week, I will share a Before an After piece and a home I visited on my trip.


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Goa + O Hotel

I’m sinking into relaxation mode in lush and festive Goa. My visit here officially feels like a vacation with expansive views like these.

Staying at the O Hotel has felt like an exotic retreat.

Some amenities here include an infinity style pool, rain shower, and spa. Mostly, what I like is the unique architecture and art.

As I am posting this, I sit in the restaurant lounge sipping Masala chai. Above, is a glimpse of the airy restaurant from dinner last night. They offer tasty Asian, Pan Asian, and Chinese cuisines.

Now, onto the highlight of the morning, if I had to pick….

was stumbling into Buddha Arts, a lovely shop located right on the main road. Filled with antiques and treasures…

It’s a trove of sculptures, salvaged panels, and extraordinary novelties. If you are like me this is the really good stuff.

This window built to shelter a deity, and hanging sculptures are just some of the interesting finds. I took home a patchwork pouf, elephant bookends, and antique carved mirror that I cannot wait to find a home (pictures of these are on the way;)

I hope you have all been transported here, for a moment, if only for a tea.

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A Bridge

I came across these the other day while searching for some one-point perspectives to study for a painting.

Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge

This one really amazed me; the color of the foliage and the rock reflected in the architectural choices.

This structure found in Brasilia, the capital city of Brazil is named after former President Juscelino Kubitschek. When I saw this picture, I was drawn into the expanse.

View of Big Four

From all angles, a photo emerges. This last one from the Windy City, made me appreciate the thoughtful engineering in our own corner of the world.

Chicago bridges

Happy weekend friends!

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Malibu Flea Market finds

This weekend in Malibu at the Lion’s Club flea market, there was lots to uncover…

Look at this beautiful vintage day bed greeted me upon arrival.

VIntage Daybed

This store was a favorite as we rummaged through deep bins of linens dated from the 1920-50s.


Isn’t this one funny!? My friend, Annie, spotted it and she loved the color.

I had to take home, this linen tablecloth. I haven’t decided exactly what to do with it yet, but I did decide not to cut it up!

Here it is draped over my couch.

Linen applique

Just look at how intricate the cross stitching and applique were. They combine to make such a simply beautiful piece.

Cross stitch detail

Okay~ so I admit I didn’t find this next dresser this time around, but I wish I had…

Anthropologie mirrored dresser

This mirrored dresser is from Anthropologie and I love the aged finish of the mirrors.

Vintage linens, glass containers, and worn mirrors are all things to look for on a hunt like this. Not to mention, I had hoped to find a couple of wooden furnishings to refinish.

On our way out, we stopped at this shop brimming with knick knacks.

Burlap covered stool

Glass bottles with stoppers, vintage baby shoes, even little ink wells that could become part of a collection.

This burlap covered stool could be used in a variety of ways in a modern setting.

Other flea markets in L.A. that I have visited include: Fairfax, Rosebowl, and Silverlake shows. The Rosebowl flea market is by far the largest. Plus, I’m hearing good things about another one in Long Beach that is great for buyers.

If you’d like to see more amazing flea market style and finds, check out this book, Paris Style from Taschen. It has some seriously good pictures inside, plus lots of things to look for on your next treasure hunt.

Bon voyage!

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Friday, Equestrian finds

While rummaging through an antique shops in my favorite part of town, I came across old horseshoes at Crescent Hill Trading Co! They have the most adorable dog who roams the shop and a large selection of tableware. I figured horseshoes have multiple uses for the eclectic homemaker, either way, something interesting.

Check out these hooks that I found:

Horseshoe hooks


Look for more on Ebay, you’d be surprised how many styles and shades are out there.

Another antique horse that I loved was this carousel pony! Since, I recently went to the fair, it’s even more fitting. This one has been removed from an old German carousel and is a real antique! I can picture it in so many settings.

Carousel horse

Lots of these lovelies can be found at the Antique Horse, a site specializing in all types of restorations of this genre. A final thought for a little girl’s room is this beauty. A completely restored antique wooden rocking horse.

Restored horse

Now as a little girl I had my own horse whose name Dallas, I think I named it after the show that I had never seen.I worshipped that horse, although she was not quite this glamorous. Now, I’d love to know what your horse’s name was!

There is so much more inspiration out there from saddles to attire. If you ride, I invite you to share your pics with me a hilary.hahn@ I have some beautiful photography of horses that I taken over the years.

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