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Shibori and Natural Dye Workshops Spring

Today, I am thrilled to announce my upcoming workshop series for the Spring. As many of you know, I created a new blog last year, A Day in the Life, where I currently share DIY and handmade projects. I have recently launched the Creative Sundays workshop series designed for artists, DIY lovers and entrepreneurs like you. These workshops are designed to spark creativity and connect people, while offering an opportunity to relax and work with your hands. Without further ado, here is what I am currently offering this Spring!


Class description: Are you curious about how to work with natural indigo dye? Would you like to learn more about the intricacies of ancient Japanese Shibori? Through private lessons, you will explore the art of Shibori in a studio setting. I teach you how to work with natural indigo. Then, we practice the basic folding techniques of Itajime, Arashi, and Kumo Shibori. This class is suitable for beginners and intermediate Shibori artists. Those who have attended workshops and wish to customize their designs. You can sign-up here or contact me with any questions!Shibori Indigo scarf designs


Class Description: Are you curious about how to use botanical materials, such as flowers, plants and fruits to create stunning original textiles? Do you want to learn more about essential oils and their unique properties? This workshop combines a love for natural dyeing with aromatherapy. In this half-day retreat, you will discover how to infuse your wardrobe with botanical plants which influence mood and well-being. You will gain knowledge and skills required to make your own bundle-dyed items at home, using simple ingredients which may be found in your kitchen or backyard. You will also be guided to create two custom essential oil roller ball blends, while learning about unique properties of essential oils, oil infusions and the mind/body health benefits of using aromatherapy in your daily life with Flin Grant of the Art of Essentials. You will have the opportunity to create both a scarf and 2 aromatherapy fragrance blends. The workshop space is limited to 20 participants. Don’t miss out, you can sign-up here
Bundle Dyeing with Rose Petals


Class Description: You will create a beautiful marbled textile print on silk just in time for Mother’s Day. In this workshop, we explore the art of Ebru marbling on silk to create the perfect Summer accessory to gift. Participants will also experiment with marbled prints on paper which result in beautiful fine art prints. Space is limited to 12 guests, and you can register here.

Marbling on Silk workshopI look forward to meeting you at one of these events this Spring! My summer schedule is in the works and it will be announced shortly. There is an east L.A. indigo Shibori workshop in the works, yay! Please let me know, if you have any questions about upcoming workshops or private lessons this Spring. I hope you will follow my natural dye and DIY adventures as they unfold over on A Day in the Life.

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Graphic Design: Business Cards

I will keep this one short and sweet! I made a New Year’s Resolution to create new business cards. I need to start promoting my work for the summer decorating season. Here is what I came up with.

My friend Michelle recommended that I do rounded edges, which I may try on the next bunch that I order without the pink border. She knows everything about cute graphic design that there is to know. The fonts that I used are my new favorites. They are called Hammer Keys and Quid Pro Quo.

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Happy Friday: Party Dress

I fell in love with the textile design on this dress at Anthropologie the other day.

I’m not exaclty one of the Anthroplogie models, but I wanted to show you all how it looks in person!

I plan on going to a Labor Day party this weekend and wanted the perfect party dress. I think you can dress this one up with heels or down by layering a tissue T underneath. I love textiles that look Eastern European.

It wasn’t the only thing I fell for that day…more on that after Labor Day! Have a sweet one!

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Moroccan Mirror DIY

I’d so love to give you a peak at my latest inspiration and current DIY stencil fab project.

I came across these amazing graphics via DesignAmour.

There are so many talented designers out there, I love to discover someone new each week. They have so much going on over there, check out round two of the moroccan graphics, I found there.

What really grabs me are the colors along with symmetry and composition of the designs.

I’d love to find tiles along a similar vein for a bathroom that I’ll be working on soon!

Now for a peak at my current DIY project…

Here is the large square mirror that I inherited from a friend. As much as I liked it’s original finish I wanted to enhance it.

I know it looked cool in it’s orignal form, but I just can’t wait to layer in some more colors and details. I promise to show you when I do

Friday, I will post a finished product along with pictures of a huge art hang that I just did at a Melrose residence. Stay tuned 🙂

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Rugs to Inspire

While working on the girl’s bedrooms, I collected my favorite designer rugs for you to see.

I have come a cross so many rug companies that I wanted to share. I tend to shop the usual suspects, Rug Company, Anthropologie, and West Elm. I knew that there was so much more out there, but had no idea where to begin.

This flower petal design looked so amazingly soft. Who wouldn’t like to stand on roses?

I like the texture and scale of this design.

For some color, head over to Dash and Albert. We have one of their organic cotton rugs  in our living room and love it!

We found Second Studio rugs to be affordable rugs but still in league with all off the Designer rugs out there…

Plus, their designs use gray alongside pops of color which can be a brilliant fit in many interiors. When purchasing a rug, it is all about quality and comfort. I flipped for British rug company Henzel.

These rugs are something truly original. Like large scale artworks for you floor. I will some day own one if these rugs. I came across the queen of felt, Mary Ann Williams over at Illu stration.

This orange lotus design gives me a thrill!

It’s hard to believe that PinkPianos has been around for one year my first post in June! Next week, I’ll be hosting a giveaway to celebrate.

If you missed any one of our featured artist series you can read about them here. I hope you are all finding inspiration!

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Cozying Up the Walls

Some of you may be looking for alternatives to painting or wallpapering a room. Linen on the walls is a wonderful way to add elegance and warmth to a room. I would love to try it in a small space such as an entryway or powder room. Traditionally, linen covered walls was a technique used in wealthy houses during the early 20th century. The linen served as a canvas for paint and prevented cracks from developing. Happily, I came across a modern version of this effect through Casart Coverings, a sister-sister duo that designs and manufactures linen-esque wall coverings made out of a durable vinyl and canvas. I love the rose-peach glow of this room by Casart below.

I could also see doing something really opulent like the linen and velvet in blue-green combination.

Casart also does stair decals like the before and after here. These would be a great solution for a temporary living space like an apartment or for someone who updates their home frequently. They specialize in customizable and removable coverings that quickly transform. As you can see the tiling really makes an ordinary stairwell, pop!

Lastly, you wouldn’t believe how cool grey linen looks with a yellow twist.

photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy

So calming, it could be used as an accent wall behind the bed or throughout the room.

Amongst other exciting news, Pink Pianos has been nominated for a Lovely!

If you are a reader, please pop in over there and leave a shout out under my banner for me!

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Laure Cuvillier

I had the pleasure of meeting Laure Cuvillier at the Silverlake Art, Craft, and Vintage show last month. I was immediately drawn to her dreamy style and cool totebags! I wanted to find out more about her as a person and an artist. Laure was born in Paris, where her love for painting developed and now she is living here in Los Angeles.

I love the imagination I see in her artworks. Especially, that little cowboy boot with tabs that reminds me of a paper doll accessory.

Laure, what made you decide to become a painter?
Painting/designing has been a nagging habit all my life!  I’ve tried to give it up many times but I can’t stop creating new stuff for too long! I grew up spending a lot of time by myself.  I had whole universes filled with imaginary friends in my head. At some point I realized I could bring these imaginary to my real life by depicting them.  I drew and drew and drew.  My mother signed me up for a life drawing class at the Louvres museum in Paris when I was 12.  I went there every saturday for two years to learn how to draw realistically.  After a couple of years,  I could really draw whatever was on my mind.  It was like a superpower, that allowed me to acquire whatever I wanted.  I just had to draw it and it was mine, in some way.  I guess this never went away;  the swirling worlds in my head, the element of surprise when I see how my imagination translates onto paper…. There is a lot of abstraction in my psyche, ideas and feelings I do not have words to distinguish.  Visual expression gives me access to obscure, undeciphered parts of myself.  I think this is why I became a painter.
I should also mention that Laure studied at Hunter College of Art in New York, and the College of Arts and Crafts in San Francisco. She is a trained painter, printmaker, ceramicist, and all around talent.
I love the lightness of the paint on the panel in your work…and the horses!
What materials, themes, or ideas inspire you the most?
I like the idea of communication and relationship, or lack thereof  (which is really the same thing in essence)  This could be the relationship between two or more colors, shapes, elements, ideas, concepts or mediums.  There is something unique about each connection; a story emerges within the blending, the overlapping, the hinging, the touching.  A relationship begins with each encounter;  it is activated by the witnessing of the viewer, which adds a new layer of narrative and relationship.

Could you please share one interesting or little known fact about yourself?

I am also a a creativity coach. I assist people in creating and developing a personal creative language and/or artistic process.

That sounds wonderful! If someone is looking for a a creativity coach how shall they contact you?

What an inspiration.

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