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Locals Only! Holiday show

This week back from vacation has been a whirlwind. I am now officially engaged!

Although, I’m totally enjoying it, I have been prepping like crazy this week for Locals Only, an Indy Arts and Crafts Show this weekend.

Here is the flyer. If you are here in Los Angeles, please come out to Culver City and visit me:) I <3 Culver CIty because it is a young and freshly renovated part of town…very up and coming!

I am more than excited to meet all of these cool designers. Make sure you RSVP for free entry! This is a “free”, yet private event. Here’s a peak at the “goods”…

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Fleeting Weekend fun

I knew I wanted to stop by when I heard about this pop-up Art show, Fleeting Immersion, on the Haystack Needle last week.

The utterly creative show hosted by Janet Varney and Jessica Mackinson is a collaboration of many artists challenged to design for the theme “Sante Fe Astronaut”! You can see Jessica above standing next to her custom tepee! I just loved the neon green pom-pom trim. Also, If you take a closer look at the picture you will notice her incredible t-shirt by Erhart with a southwestern style fabric pocket and shoulder tabs! I totally want one.

The show runs from September 18-25th for those of you in the Greater L.A. area lucky enough to be able to check it out! For those of you living abroad here’s a glimpse into the life of Astronaut Art melded with Sante Fe style.

One of the many things I liked about this show were the clever little vignettes installed by the curators. Just look at those moon shoes and orange astronaut suit! This table lamp made by Janet Varney diffuses the light perfectly.

There was artwork ranging in scale from micro to macro; as the tiny the owl in an intergalactic environment at left was one of a series of tiny paintings. The playful juxtaposition of the futuristic astronaut done in vintage needlepoint made me smile.

The t-shirts looked so fresh in neon colors, I’m so happy that neon pink is having it’s moment right now!

I also scored some new graphic yoga pants done in bright pink and lavender;) because that is just what I needed to add to my collection on this Saturday afternoon.

The space astronaut oval painting is a must-see-in-person type of painting, although I hope you can tell the amazingness of it by the picture. Over at Jenn’s web site you can see her collage style graphics intermingled with paintings.

Lastly, these snow globes of wolves howling on crystal terrain grabbed my attention. Wouldn’t these be cool as gifts?

Next weekend, you can bid the show farewell in Hollywood at the closing party September 25th from 5-7 p.m!

Hope you all had a fab weekend!

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100th post in Glossy black

Turns out my last post was lucky 100 and I missed it! I guess that I’d been anticipating it for so long the moment just escaped me. To commemorate this event I’d like to get back to the roots of this blog with a before and after reveal!

Behold the white coffee table, before any work was done.

Renewed with a slippery black sheen.

I buffed the tips of the legs gold and applied countless coats of black paint with a foam roller, all the while perfecting my smooth roll, I’m on a mission to accomplish. Then, I applied two wonderful coats of an oil based polyurethane gloss. That’s our living room, you see in the background.

I like how the table top really reflects the light and it’s modern feel too. You can see our new Vera pillow has found a home. Have you got any pics of updated furnishings you’d like to share? Send me a pic. I love to see your creativity.

Tonight, I’m off to Grand Performances to see Caravan Palace, a popular Parisian group…

more Metamorphosis pics Monday!

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The Secret Life of Objects amidst other curiosities

As far as curiosities go, last weekend I hit the jack pot at the Aaron Cramer: Secret Life of Objects exhibit during the Los Angeles art walk.

The sculptural entryway assemblages were a feast full of wonder from the welded hanging lantern-shaped pendants

to the sculptural vessels woven from Street Sweeper bristles.

and then there were the “Moneyballs” made from from thousands of tiny shreds of discarded treasury notes.

I’m absolutely amazed at the way that Kramer glued those and to that effect.

The Page Museum was also free for the day so I got a glimpse of other green creatures…

Enjoying a swim.

On to the ultimate curiosity; Kaya Toast at Susan Feniger’s restaurant Street. The dish offered thick fried toast with coconut jam, soft-fried egg (which I neglected), dark soy sauce, and white pepper.

What sounds exotic couldn’t taste more delicious. Toast that literally melts in your mouth. Here Katie and Ashish bask in the glow of the orange umbrella.

It’s been yet another fabulous week!

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Birth day dreams…

Tomorrow morning, May 26th, is my birthday and I can’t wait to arise and look into the sun and sky for one more day.

Sunrise by Monet. For breakfast, I may celebrate with these because Macarons are just so tasty and colorful!

Friday, I’ll throw a little party and I’ll be sure to post pictures. I’d love to decorate with a crocheted garland like this one from Dottie Angel, she is a new favorite to read.

I will also do the all things I love like visit blogs I love and ride my bike…

and talk to the people I love. Have a sweet May 26th! I’ll be back next week with more rug designs to inspire you.

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Coachella: A backstage pass

I am happily recovering from a cocktail of jet lag and a desert music festival. I have rejuvenated enough to share with you an insider’s glimpse of the backstage art at the Coachella Valley Music Festival held annually just outside of Palm Springs.

This is my third year collaborating as an artist and 2nd year in the Art Department backstage. I designed 8 paintings for the event in all, most of them sitting in a little office from a window in Mumbai.

I also spent lots of time styling the trailers with a team of amazing artists led by Mary Anne Campagna. Here is a slideshow of my favorite little tableaus from the dressing rooms. These are the ones quickly styled by me.

Art credits: 1. Concept by Mary Anne Campagna 2. Hilary Hahn 3. Hilary Hahn 4. Mary Anne Campagna 5. Mary Anne Campagna 6. Andrea Chavez 7. Mary Anne Campagna 8. Andrea Chavez

The artwork is contributed by many talented artists, whose bios I hope to share soon! In this set I designed art for She and Him, Infected Mushroom, and Florence and the Machine.

Her songs are catchy and edgy at once. She has a great energy and her performance did not disappoint.

The polo fields are full of large light installations that you can see here!

I’m sure many have heard of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, but man, I am in love with this band!

I really enjoy the Art Direction in this video.

What can I say?
I. dig. these. guys.

Now that I’m back, this weekend I have so much to catch you up on, I will share my collection of finds from Mumbai along with a sweet photography shop and DIY photo collage for that vacant wall you’ve been needing to fill.

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Warm wishes

Happy New Year, Friends!

“I urge you to please notice when you are happy, and exclaim or murmur or think at some point,’If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.” Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

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