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Textile Design: Mastering the Basics

Last weekend, I taught myself to screen print with the help of Lena Corwin’s amazing book! As an artist working in the world of design, I often wish to have the ability to design my own textiles.

The first print I tried was using a simple stencil. I cut out the deer pattern using my exacto blade. You can see a messy picture of all my supplies: squeegie covered in ink, painter’s tape, spoon, and screen printing ink.

Here is what the screen looks like after dragging the squeegie across one time.

Voila! Some of the fruits of my labor…

A greeting card with hand painted watercolor background, digitally enhanced print.

Linen Pillowcase with Silver Reindeer Print

and this set of mix and match Tea Towels

It’s amazing how you can come up with an array of products from a single print!

These items will be in my Etsy shop soon:)

Today is shaping up to be an active rainy Monday. I am working on a lighting installation all day and can’t wait to share the photos. I will keep you posted.




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Rainy Day Favorite Things

Happy Friday, folks!

I am inspired by the drizzle outside and a treasury of gifts that I curated on Etsy. Here are some of My Favorite Things, which are also gift ideas for the frosty month ahead.

I love this Vintage Copper Tea Kettle

Tea Time is one of the best times to nestle indoors with some warm tea my Kindle and a cozy blanket.

I just ordered some of these hand poured Soy candles with names like Sugar Plum and Blue Spruce, I couldn’t resist. Great wintry days spent indoors.

While I’m on my gift list.

Who would n’t like some yummy handmade marshmallows as a gift?

Check. and check.

Last but not least, I’ve spent some studio time that past few weeks perfecting the art of the hand stitched tea towel and experimenting with silk screening techniques. I promise more details and photos on how I made these on Monday! I am selling these as mix and match Sets of 2.

These projects were very much inspired by Lena Corwin’s book, Printing by Hand, which I devoured from cover to cover.

Now, I think I’ll pour myself some tea!

Have an inspired weekend everybody. xx


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Nature Inspired Art + Consulting

One of the most fulfilling aspects of design work is the opportunity to discover new artists and acquire new artworks. Below is a Limited Edition Print that we purchased for this Room in Progress. 

It has been a while since my last Fine Art Friday and I have been wanting to uncover new work. Seiko Tachibana is a Bay area artist from Japan. She has been painting and creating art for over 20 years. She even creates these intimate little art books with an accordion fold.

Watercolor is one of my favorite mediums because of it’s aqueous ephemeral quality, which is why I connect with Seiko’s Locus of Water installation. The subject matter as well as the style feels current to me.

You can almost feel the raindrops through all the rhythmic little splats in this painting. Do they remind you of rain clouds too?

I was lucky to spend a little time outdoors this weekend. How about you? Did any of you have the chance to connect with nature?

In case you couldn’t go on an outdoor adventure yourself…I have found this noisy little blog where you can get your fix. I plan to read up on her adventures anytime the longing for nature amidst city bustle becomes to much to bear.

Have an artful Monday.




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Photo Styling

Having a blog and a shop, means endless amounts of creative photo styling! Who knew?! Well, here is what’s new from the store:

1. Sea Turtle Illustration for Nursery Decor

2). Cartographer’s Table Nightstand and Wavy Organic Pillows

One more from the photo event;)

3). Vintage Linen Inspiration Board

Using a good camera, daylight, and natural light (i.e. no flash) have made all the difference for me. If you have any great tips or products pics, please share them with me!

Happy Friday! It’s here again;)

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Interior Ocean Mural

Saying goodbye to a nice long vacation visiting my family in Kentucky (a.k.a the reason for my infrequent blog posts:) I wanted to end it with a mural post! I love artwork in homes and these are two of my favorite inspirations.

I love the Interior mural by Lulu DK that reveals how soothing and striking neutrals can be. She is such an amazing design talent and inspiration. I discovered her textile designs recently, but she also got her start in NY painting interior murals. The mural at right is something I would love to try out. Creating a silhouette on a wall by using just one color, a solid background, and the many values of one hue. Powerful.

Here is a glimpse of the family mural that we just painted. My cousin had wanted to recapture the beaches of the Bahamas where she had just visited. She is going into 6th grade and we wanted the mural to be colorful, yet complimentary. We decided to use the Pool colored paint of her bedroom paired with some other brighter colors that you would find in a teen bedroom. To give you an idea of the scale, this wall was approximately 9′ x 16′.

I was lucky to have help from my Mom and Molly in painting this piece. In the end, we all had our artistic hand in it. Below are some of my favorite details.

Have a great weekend and stay tuned for some postcards and inspirational pics from this trip!


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Linen Inspiration Board

This is quick and relatively simple DIY for your Monday morning. I have two large museum style frames that a friend gave to me when she was moving with the hopes that I could find an interesting application for them. The results are in: A linen wrapped cork board.

For this project, you will need:

1). Museum style frame

2). Insulation board (less pricey than homasote with the same texture and thickness) I asked my local lumber store to precut mine with their table saw. I brought the measurements ahead with me.

3). Linen or fabric

4). Plenty of staples and staple gun

I wrapped the linen in a similar way that I would prepare a canvas, pulling all sides taut and stapling each side in a circular rotation. This is to ensure that no edges up to loose or to tight in the end and the fabric doesn’t look overly pulled to one side. The whole thing took about 1.5 hrs.

Lastly, I attached a wire to the back using a home hardware kit and it is ready to hang!

I will be offering it’s red and gold fraternal twin in my shop later this week!

Although I am tempted to do a chalk board in the other one, I think I will just stick with the look of the soft linen. Now, onto collect images for my new board! I’ll show you pics next week, plus I have garden inspired before and after in the studio later this week.


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Fine Art Friday: Postcards from Yosemite

Time to delve back into the relaxing trip that we took last weekend! Here are a few highlights from our vacationing.

My husband, Ashish did lots of breathtaking photography. Although, he isn’t a photographer by trade, I think he has a real talent for capturing scenes. I hope you enjoy the beauty as much as we did.

Tenaya Lake

Mono Lake

Frozen lake up near Tioga Pass

Waterfalls on the Mist Trail (where we had a black bear sighting!)

I hope you’ve caught this breath of fresh air too. You can see more Postcards series here.

Have a fantastic weekend to all of you!

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