Bayly Rental: Restoration Project

As many of you may remember, I have been working to update and restore a hundred year old property in Louisville, Kentucky. We had 10 days in March to make simple changes in order to increase the overall appeal of the rental space. Although, I have to point out, I’ve been reluctant to share due to grainy picture quality…I have to be grateful our handyman is even willing to take pics with his camera phone and send them to me!

In the living room, we decided to tear out the ol’ shaggy carpets and refinish the century old Oak hardwood floors. Carpet removal, (performed by yours truly;) was much easier than I expected it to be. Also changing the ceiling fan was an inexpensive way to enhance the overall look of the room. The old fan was low hanging and scary!

The sitting room which exists just beyond the French doors had an uneven subfloor that needed to be leveled and replaced. You can see below the mill work that we did to level things out before laying in plywood. The carpet tiles by Flor were scored from the Flor outlet, so we were able to save and we ordered a few extra so we can simply replace them as they become time worn!

In the master bedroom, we took the same strategy: 1. Replace fan 2. Paint all trim white. 3. Remove old carpets and refinish the floors.

Below, you can see the new closet doors and a glimpse of the hardwoods in English Chestnut, a medium brown stain with hints of red and golds.

The final tasks on the agenda involved us removing the hideous bathroom wallpaper….(if only I had a picture of this) and painting the kitchen backsplash in glossy gray.

Our intention is to paint the solid wood cabinets in Mourning Dove by Martha as shown below, but for now our new tenants are all moved in and super excited to have the new hardwoods, updates and plenty of space.

If you are curious, you can see how things looked the first time around. It feels good to be slowly inching forward on restoring this place. Moreover, I am thrilled to be back from my travels abroad…I have acquired so many excellent images of Indian homes, a Himalayan resort, and over the next few weeks, I will have plenty to share!

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