Styling: A Day in the Life

Please excuse the Beatles reference, since I started off the morning humming to them. After a delicious brunch  at Joan’s on Third, I had some time to play around in my dining room with a few accessories. I guess this is how I relax on t.v. free days.

Some pieces are for an upcoming photo shoot, others are personal heirlooms, and the necklace belongs to a client of mine and is on the way to the framers, but I thought it would be fun to photograph.

Wax flowers can be really sweet. Does anyone else love to paint still lives?

Although some of you have seen our mantle a jillion times,  it’s different yet again.

Lastly, I’d like to know your opinion. Which arrangement do you prefer? I know each one is only slightly different, but if you had to choose which one would it be, 1, 2, or 3?

I will be back tomorrow with some Art and Inspiration for Valentine’s Day that I have been collecting.

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