Michelle and Rob’s Santa Monica Dream

Happy Monday everybody! I hope this next home tour takes the edge off of your Monday and leaves you feeling laid back and inspired.

Are you ready for a tour of Michelle and Rob’s mid-century modern space?

I met Michelle while working on the faculty of the Brentwood Art Center. Having Michelle as a good friend, I got to be a part of the design process firsthand because we both tend to obsess over all things design! As you enter their Santa Monica home the open-plan living and dining room is very inviting. Michelle chose all the paint colors and trim carefully considering the creams and whites to brighten and lighten the living space. Another great addition was her choice of a white modern fan.

TheĀ walnut dining table along with the white Modernica chairs offer great contrast and mid century modern living. I was lucky enough to catch the afternoon sunshine there with the curtains blowing in the breeze.

Here is Michelle at home in the room! I have always wanted to get one of these spine bookshelves too because they take up little visual space and hold plenty of books.

Throughout the home, you can not help but notice Michelle’s collection of fine art. As you may remember from Friday that Michelle is an illustrator and art instructor. Her creative space is clean and inspired from the vignette at her desk…

to the canvas at her work space. By the way, she is currently working on a watercolor dollhouse illustration, which I’ll be sure to share with you, when she finishes. I’m intrigued by the original sketch.

Clever styling and unique lighting adds charm throughout the space.

As graceful and clean as the studio space is nothing could be a cooler counterpart than Rob’s man cave. Where Rob intermingles toys, videos, games, and his first piece of self-painted of original art. How appropriate for him to have loft space above the studio where he can showcase his collection of action figures.

I know it has all been amazing to soak in, so I will leave you with just these. What are some of your favorite things about their Santa Monica space?

Later this week, check back in as I vow to post bonus pictures of kitchen appliances and stylish accessories- you will not want to miss!

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