Just A Touch of Pink

Normally thought of as a feminine hue, pink (when used conservatively) loses its girly connotations and becomes sophisticated, classy, or even, a bit edgy. The home décor ideas below prove this point perfectly with just a touch of pink here and there such as on a lighting fixture or on a single, larger design element such as a staircase. Would you be daring enough to use pink in your home?

Touch of Pink Interiors

Material Girls

Soft, serene and elegantly styled, this room’s designer could have chosen to leave the room completely white and a bit cold feeling with all of the glass, mirror and metallics with the chandeliers. But two pale pink pillows, strategically placed, warm up the room along with fresh, barely-pink flowers on the petite coffee table.

Touch of Pink Interiors

Apartment Therapy

Another white room is transformed, this time by adding a fuchsia chair with a curvy back to a modern desk. Delicate in form, yet boldly hued, the flowers at the window balance the color from below.

Touch of Pink Interiors

Absolutely Beautiful Things

This Barclay Butera room boasts a pink wall and matching ottoman amongst navy, green and white. The delicate pink softens an otherwise heavy palette.

Touch of Pink Interiors

The Lennoxx

A single, hot pink upholstered chair set amongst a white and black room might look out of place, but the designer added a small needlepoint pillow on the sofa to bring the color across the space. The designer might also have anchored the boldness of the pink by adding a pink light fixture, such as a table lamp beside the sofa.

Touch of Pink Interiors


Barely-there pink accessories on a chest and on a window sill, add just the right touch of a third color to this otherwise cool blue and white design. The lovely pendant lights hanging above the desk will definitely provide enough light during evening hours.

Touch of Pink Interiors

My White Room

Another white and blue room is accented with a hint of brilliant pink at the sofa, window sill and floor. The pink stripe at each window is unexpected, yet works beautifully to bring the room elements together.

Touch of Pink Interiors

Susan Currie

This pink staircase is edgy, urban and hip. Painted in white or black, it just wouldn’t have the same effect as the Barbie pink, which makes a bigger statement.


A single pink pillow and fresh flowers give this white room just the pop of color it needs to make it personable and stylish.

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