Ivonne’s Living and Dining Space

I am in the midst of designing  both living and dining spaces in a wonderful home with European charm.  It has been a super fun project with a client who happens to be a designer herself. She designs amazing jewelry and accessories, so it is great to collaborate on the look and feel of her two distinct, yet related rooms.

Below is a preliminary view of the furniture plan and products that we are choosing. It will include neutral fabrics layered with artwork and softly hued pillows. Plus, a leather ottoman will add texture and comfort to the center of the space.

The new recessed lighting that we installed along with the white slipcovered sofas really brightened up the place…which brings me to the Product Board for the adjacent dining room which reflects the classical elegance and charm of the Mediteranean architecture of the home. I am calling this style Italian Transitional because it filled with rich yet comfortable details, simple fabrics, and old world finishes.

I can’t wait to show you the results once this beautiful transformation has taken place. I look forward to bringing you inside the process with more pics of Ivonne’s Living and Dining spaces as we create.

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