Woven Pendant DIY

This DIY pendant was mainly inspired by an older post on Apartment Therapy, San Francisco.

Aren’t they just these adorable little bundles?

I just happened to have similar products at home, so lucky for me I did not have to run out and purchase anything.

I had wooden reeds of various sizes and I thought it could be fun to have that variety as part of the light sculpture. The main difference for mine is that I had mostly thin strips…and considered making it black and white or grey.

All you need is:

wood glue or tacky glue,

wooden veneer or reeds,

and little bullbog clips or large paper clips

which you tack down spontaneously with glue.

Sculpting this gave me instant satisfaction because it was simple to master an organic shape and little planning was involved.

Towards the end with all of the tiny black clips…it starts to resemble a beehive with lots of little bees.

I am hoping that this can be a temporary solution to the bedside lamp that I had been sharing with my fiance. I have seen plenty of other simple pendants all over the web.

As of now, I can’t decide if I should stain it; walnut, black, white, gray or natural.

Feel free to cast a vote… then get ready for the unveiling on Friday!

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