Coachella 2011: Angus and Julia Stone

Two more days until I reunite with the crew and the decorating for Coachella officially begins! I have been able to paint for some exciting artists this time around and I am especially looking forward to seeing Angus and Julia Stone perform live.

I love the whimsy and charm of this photograph, that I found on the French blog, Le Hib (short for le Hiboo, “The Owl”). The brother/sister duo belts out enchanting lyrics with feeling.

When I heard this song…

I couldn’t help but think about which songs to play for our wedding.

Here is a peak at the artwork that I have created for this group!

Did I mention that similar to last year…I am working on 19 other paintings?!

For those of you not headed to the Coachella Fest, I promise lots of photos and backstage pics! Wish me luck out there…if I run into you, let’s hang out:)

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