Bayly Ave. Home Restoration

This exciting home remodel has recently taken a lot of my attention. The place is a historic home built in Louisville, Kentucky around 1910, which means there are plenty of things that need updating and lots of charming elements from the past. This antique brass light in the entry way to Unit 2 is functioning beautifully.

White paint works it’s magic! 

The living room was wall to wall covered in wallpaper. Unfortunately, it was peeling off! We decided to strip it, skim the walls with plaster, then re-paint. I chose a warm French Gray by Dunn Edwards. Then, we trimmed the crown moldings and baseboards white! Lucky for us, the fireplace wood was in excellent condition.

The fireplace in Unit 1 was done in a faux wood that look decent in the picture, but a little frightening in person. We decided to paint it in a solid Espresso colored paint.

There is also the antique fire screen that we found while cleaning out the cellar.

What do you think, is it time to go on Antiques Roadshow? 😉

On way our way out to the backyard, there is a large deck in great shape and with a view!

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3 Responses to Bayly Ave. Home Restoration

  1. Tiz says:

    This great, Hil! You totally warmed the place up!

  2. Hilary says:

    Thanks, Tiz! FIxing this place up is like a dream for me! It was evening when I took some of the pics, so it was a little dusky.

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