Wedding Inspiration: Flowers

This week, I am developing a vision for the look and feel of the wedding. As of now, everything is still wide open and it seems like we should come up with a basic palette because we will be sending out Save the Dates and bridesmaids may start hunting for dresses soon! Since we will be on the ocean, it makes sense to choose colors that will complement the gorgeous blue-greens of the ocean in the distance. So far, I have come up with silver, white, and sea green…accompanied by a potential burst of fuschia or peach.

Looking for wedding flowers has been a total eye opener. There are so many talented florists out there and I know that I want mine to be of the boutique variety. All across the city of Los Angeles I see the most gorgeous flowers. (Btw, the silver dress below is intended for the bridesmaids and the ribbon tiara could be for me!)

I’d love to collaborate with a floral designer.

Aren’t these tiny green succulents in silver cups adorable? and eco-friendly because they can be taken home after the event. Plus, they require very little water!

Finally, I flipped over this bridal bouquet, which I am thinking of making myself. I looked all over for a way to combine succulents, tulips, and orchids. I know, it’s an unlikely combination and when I found these I was soo surprised.

But seriously, I may decide to leave something to the professionals…it’s just that I have this uncontrollable itch to be hands on!

Last pic:

this is from that cutesy little boutique, The Little Branch. I am thinking we may use white spotted orchids, since we’ll be on the ocean in a beachy restaurant.

There will be more to come this week, as I find ingenious wedding blogs and vendors by the day!

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4 Responses to Wedding Inspiration: Flowers

  1. Mabel says:

    I love the tiara. I can see you wearing it. Its very you

  2. Gosh! That green in silver looks absolutely gorgeous! What a fantastic idea!

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